Vaping Experience with Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Vapes have become the new replacement to cigarettes from a long time. By now, a wide variety in vape is available and Vapium Summit Vaporizer is one of them. If you are looking for something quite portable, it can meet your need. It is actually an herbal vaporizer that is small, lightweight and portable of course. It is not much of a luxurious gadget but it can provide a worthy experience. The materials used for the construction of the vapor are safe and high in quality. The outer shell of the vape is composed of poly carbonate. It has a rubber grip so even in the cold conditions, it will not be inconvenient to hold it.

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How does it work?

It is quite simple to use the Vapium Summit Vaporizer. You have to pop off the magnetic oven lid and add the herbs inside the chamber. Make sure the quantity lies between 0.2 to 0.5 grams. Replace the lid and then hold the button for a few seconds. The vapor will vibrate and then the blue light will glow. You can control the temperature from the + and – buttons. Once it is heated up, the green light will be seen. It will vibrate three times and then it is ready to use. It automatically shuts off after 90 seconds of use but you can turn on the heater by clicking the power button.

Temperature setting

It consists of 8 temperature settings. You can also customize the setting according to your preferences to have the best vaping experience. There are lots of temperature options so you can adjust it the way you want.


Vapium Summit Vaporizer has an average battery life. It will just take an hour for it charge and you can use it for an hour. It is not much efficient in battery.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

You just have to clean the herb chamber and rubber grip. It will not just take much time to do so. The grip attracts dust and dirt often so you do not wait, clean the dust or dirt as soon as possible. The Vapium Summit Vaporizer comes with a cleaning kit that contains a brush, pipe cleaners, alcohol wipes and an additional camber screen. With the help of this kit, cleaning and maintaining the vape will be at your fingertips. No effort will be required for maintaining the vape.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer does not just come with a cleaning kit, but is comes with accessories such as a dry bag, USB power adapter, wall charger and user manual. Although it is a traditional vape but it can provide you a better experience than many other vapors. With the flat metal screen, the air path is covered and the user enjoys the experience. The higher the temperate, the better it is going to taste. As you will have all the temperature control you need, you can make the most out of this vapor. It is weather friendly and it is affordable so no man would want to deny having it.