Arizer Air Vaporizer – The New Portable Vapor

The Arizer air is the new but small version of Solo Vaporizer. It is charged by the internal batteries which are removable as well as replaceable. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for 1 hour without any interruption. It is capable of providing you a nice vaping experience.

It is light, compact and portable. It comes with the ceramic heating element, glass dishes and interchangeable and rechargeable lithium batteries. It is also ideal for the daily usage. It has got a compact and sleek design. It is 122 mm in height and 29 mm in diameter. You can easily fit it into your hands and even keep it in pocket or purse. It has got the shell outer layer which protects it from the wear and tear of daily basis. The top of the unit is vented so even if it is working, the body temperature will remain cool. There is an internal solid foundation which is responsible for ensuring the durability of the device. Its also featured on other fellow vaporizer review site.

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Ease of Use

It takes about 1 to 2 minutes for the device to warm up. It comes with advanced temperature-control settings. It automatically shuts off after every 10 minutes when in use. The heating system is fully optimized which lets the user enjoy the aroma and the flavor of the herbs to the maximum.

Each glass stem is capable of holding 0.25 grams of dry herbs and you can get 10 to 15 draws out of it. The unit has a single button only which is used for turning it on or off and even adjusting the temperature. It just takes 30 seconds for the unit to heat up but sometimes the time might vary depending on the temperature setting chosen. You can start enjoying the session really fast.

Quality and performance

Arizer air vaporizer’s performance is outstanding. Once it is heated up, the air reaches the chamber, letting you make the most out of the herb. The glass stems play their role in keeping the vapor’s flavor. You will enjoy a mild and toasty flavor without any smell or burning effect. The mouthpiece does not ruin the flavor either. The length of the stem is kept ideal to make sure that before reaching the mouth, the vapor cools down.

Temperature control

Arizer air vaporizer comes in 5 temperature setting i.e. 180, 190, 200, 205, 210 Celsius. You just have the scroll the button for making the temperature go up or down. The temperature of the device is going to be fully in your control.

Arizer air vaporizer comes with a set of accessories to let you make the most of it. It has 3 different glass stems, a carrying case, vape wipes, and a battery charger. The vapor has a reliable performance and it is capable of providing you a good flavor every time you use it.  You can carry it around anywhere with you and enjoy your time vaping your favorite flavor herbs. It is not much expensive either.

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