It is one of the latest portable vaporizers that you will find in the market. Goboof Alfa is a dry herb vaporizer which provides an impressive performance at competitive rates. Alfa vaporizer will heat up your herbs with a certain range of temperature that the magical herbs will volatilize into your blood and lungs.

In the box:

The small cardboard box of Alfa comes with the following accessories:

  • Goboof Alfa portable vaporizer
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB AC charger
  • Extra rubber mouth piece
  • Cleaning picks
  • Instruction manual˚


The sleek portable vaporizer has been manufactured with the following features:

Vapor Quality:

Alfa will provide you with the good quality of vapors that are smooth and large. The flavor is pleasing and with the potent clouds that will get a little bit hotter at the end of the session.

Smart puff technology:

It is manufactured with the smart puff technology that allows you to use the vaporizer in two different modes.

  1. The A/P mode:

Once you start the vaporizer, it will heat up to 390 degrees and after that, the temperature will keep increasing with each puff until it reaches 428 degrees.

  1. The A/T mode:

In this mode, the temperature will keep increasing every 3 minutes until it reaches the maximum temperature.

Preparation time:

Once you have loaded the vaporizer with herbs, it will take less than 1 minute to heat up.

Power supply:

It will take almost 4 to 5 hours to be fully charged but it will last longer than other regular vaporizers. You can use it while charging. If you utilize it on a low setting it will last for 2 hours and when used on medium settings it can easily last for 69 to 90 minutes that is an above average battery life.


Alfa vaporizer does not need a high maintenance. Provided with a cleaning kit it is very easy to maintain and clean. You can use the cleaning accessories like the pipe cleaners and the cleaning sticks to clear the debris. To clean it, all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, open the oven door, and push the screen out.

Guarantee and price:

In terms of price, it is a mid-range vaporizer available for about $200. It comes with a 2-year guarantee on the electronic parts and 1-year guarantee on the battery life. The price and guarantee are better than many expensive portable vaporizers.


You will gain the following advantages from the Goboof Alfa:

  • You can choose between the short and long draws and thus it is flexible to use.
  • It is a compact vaporizer
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Good battery life

Bottom line:

I will highly recommend this high-performance portable vaporizer. It is ideal to use at home and while traveling. With such price, it is a well-built, decent and easy to use the vaporizer. It also comes with an exchange policy if the device has detected within the guarantee period.

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