The Only Aliens We Care About, Besides The Smok Alien Kit

To celebrate the fact that one of our favorite personal vape units—the Smok Alien Kit—is on sale, we’ve rounded up the only three aliens we care about right now that aren’t the Smok Alien.

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#1: The aliens that took a woman’s eggs so that they could create ET-human hybrids
There are few things harder to believe than raving claims of alien abductions, but what about when the account is so specific it includes a plot to create a whole new species in what sounds like a fertility doctor’s nightmare. Of course, the claimant wants her privacy but says that’s just because she doesn’t want to “freak people out”. “They wanted some help with their hybrid project, so they chose me. I discern who I tell and who I don’t because I can tell who’s ready for that information and who’s not. I don’t want to freak people out.”

#2: Kevin Smith’s new alien species for Supergirl
When Supergirl returns from winter hiatus, it will be with an episode directed by Kevin Smith who recently gave everyone a sneak peek of the new alien species on his Instagram account. In the episode, “Supergirl Lives,” the Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) travel to the Slaver’s Moon planet in search of the missing girl, Izzy (Harley Quinn Smith), and the place where “the downtrodden are sold as slaves.” We’ll also see Dominator from Arrowverse along with the now Insta-famous Maaldorians.
#3: The aliens that (according to this guy) 100% crashed in Roswell
When Don Donderi of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, said the US Government recovered an extraterrestrial craft in the New Mexico desert in 1947, not everyone believed him. But many people did become intrigued by the prospect of a massive government cover-up with information buried deep within the vaults of the Pentagon (or maybe even deeper than that). It sparked the backstory of the TV phenomenon series, The X-Files. As Donderi puts it, “The US government recovered the remains of a crashed unidentified flying object or to be more correct, an extraterrestrial vehicle. It is believed that they also recovered bodies of dead aliens.”
In a move that would have been laughed at in 1947, Professor Donderi eventually opened up a course at the prestigious McGill University, called UFOs: History and Reality. The course argues “UFOs are real and extraterrestrial.” And the course is hardly taught by a “quack”—Donderi is a Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell University, even though he insists that people have been.
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