Utillian 720 vs Crafty Vaporizer

What accounts for the price discrepancy between the Utilian 720 and the Crafty Vaporizer?

utillian 720 vaporizer canada

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Not all vaporizers are created equal and you’ll notice that besides the design of the unit, the price tag will tell you a lot about what you’re getting from a vaporizer. Take the Utilian 720 and the Crafty Vaporizer, for instance. Both are wonderful units but have very different prices. Right now, the Utillian 720 in Canada is CAD$219, making it the lowest-cost vaporizer, while the Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is CAD$425. The quality of vapor that the Utilian 720 creates is what really throws it up against the Crafty but there’s something else to the price that tells us that while one is a good unit the other is outstanding.

The Utillian 720 is a discrete and easy-to-use vaporizer that boasts simple functionality and affordability—it’s the lowest cost convective vaporizer out there. The Utilian 720 works with both herb and wax to create sensual, flavorful vapor and can do so for up to 90 minutes on a fully-charged Lithium Ion battery.

The 720 has four base temperature settings: green = 170° Celsius; blue = 180° Celsius; purple = 190° Celsius, red = 210° Celsius.

Four temperature settings are great, but if you click and hold the power button while at any temperature preset, the 720 enters “enhanced mode,” which increases the temperature by another 5 degrees after every pull. When you’re looking to pull a nice, big cloud near the end, the extra boost in temperature is very necessary. Finally, the Utilian 720 has a much more discreet light on the mouthpiece, you can take a draw without anyone unnecessarily spying you. We like that light much better than the Crafty which has a large flashing beacon of a light on its base.

crafty vaporizer review

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Hope it was one good Utillian 720 vs Crafty Vaporizer info. On top of performing all of the tasks that the Utilian 720 does with ease, the Crafty vaporizer proves itself to be the ideal choice for connoisseurs who want the kind of top of the line experience that can only be provided by the makers of the Volcano. It uses both convection and conduction to heat the oven up and then the herb. Not only is the vapor far superior to other units but this one is designed to disperse heat from its body so that you don’t burn your hands while holding the hot unit. But that’s not all because the designers went out of there way to create a dedicated app that you may download to your Apple or Android device and use with the vaporizer nearly straight out of the box. You can buy both of these awesome Vaporizers from Haze Smoke Shop, Vaporizer Superstore Canada with AWESOME PRICES.


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