The Smok TFV12 is a Beauty of a Beast

Let us introduce you to the Hummer of subtanks, the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King. It’s cloudier than the original and raises the bar for all sub ohm tanks. If you are a fan of SMOK products and thought that the Cloud Beast couldn’t get any better, you were fortunately wrong.

smok tfv12 cloud beast king tank

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One of the most baffling things about the SMOK TFV12 is that they fit twelve coils into one coil head, which makes us wonder why more manufacturers aren’t doing the same. The extra coil heads are less like fitting more blades on one razor (totally doesn’t matter if you are using a good, sharp blade) and more like installing more cylinders into a vehicle’s engine—more power for the push! Having eight coils in earlier versions of SMOK vaporizers was great, and we did not expect this development, but we’re super thrilled that they made it happen. Besides the 7-colour colour way, the extra coils are one of our most favorite enhancements to this unit.


Like other units in the SMOK TF-series, this one delivers incredible flavour and is the closest experience to a dripper you can get from a tank. The SMOK TFV12 has a 6mL capacity, which is good because it burns through e-juice very fast (good thing we always have e-juice deals going on).


The  SMOK TFV12 is likely going to be one of our most popular since the trends are now leaning towards quad-cell mods that are capable of above 300W. If you’re in the market for an extra-hot vape experience (for whatever your reason), the Cloud Beast King can handle it. Plus, you can add The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank for more clouds and longer vaping time.


How do you think the TFV12 is going to compare to the original Cloud Beast TFV 8? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. Did SMOK lose their minds or are they changing the vaping game, one beast at a time?