KandyPens Oura Review: The Vaporizer That Literally Stands Apart

KandyPens is back with yet another vaporizer, the Oura. When it comes to the newest vaporizer in KandyPens’ selection, the Oura Black quite literally stands apart from the pack. While KandyPens has favored a more discreet, portable design in the past, the Oura Black is quite the deviation from the popular California-based vape manufacturer.

So how does the new Oura Black stand up to the competition? When it comes to vaporizers, there is no shortage of different brands and designs to choose from, making it difficult for manufacturers to deliver a vaporizer that can really grab the attention of their consumers. Let’s take an in-depth look at KandyPen’s new Oura Black so that you can get a good idea of whether or not this is the right vaporizer for you.

What Comes in the Box

Before we talk about the impressive features found in the Oura Black vaporizer, let’s take a look at what you can expect to find in the box. Costing CAD$429.00, KandyPens’ newest vaporizer yields a hefty price tag but it is far from the most expensive vaporizer on the market. Compared to competitors like the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer (costing CAD$899), the Oura Black is actually pretty affordable. Could the Oura Black be the best choice for vape enthusiasts on a budget? We’ll give you our thoughts, but first, let’s take a look at what comes in the box:

  • 1 KandyPens Oura Base
  • 1 Glass Attachment
  • 1 Quartz Atomizer
  • 1 Ceramic Bowl Atomizer
  • 1 Carb Cap & Tether
  • 1 Applicator Tool
  • 1 USB-C Charging Cable
  • 4 Cotton Swabs

Switching Things Up

Compared to the popular portable vaporizers that have made KandyPens a top dog in the industry, the Oura Black is a pretty drastic change in design. It only takes one look at some of KandyPens’ past models like the KandyPens Galaxy Vape Pen or KandyPens Gravity to see the obvious differences. The Oura Black is certainly less discreet in design, favoring a thick removable crystal quartz bulbed atomizer situated on top of the vaporizer’s battery.

Made for use with dabs and waxes, the Oura Black actually comes with two atomizers. Aside from the aforementioned crystal quartz atomizer, there is also a ceramic bowl atomizer. This “bucket style” atomizer is one of the best for both wax and oil, resulting in excellent flavor, high cloud volume, and easy maintenance and clean-up.

Equipped with a powerful 3000 mAh battery, the Oura Black possesses a higher temperature range than most other vaporizers on the market today. This vaporizer’s straightforward design is incredibly user-friendly and the device is charged via the USB-C port on the back, conveniently accessible.

The Oura Black also features a Smart-Touch button accented by an LED ring that extends around the circumference of the vaporizer. With six different color options, this is perhaps the flashiest design point of the device. Overall, the Oura Black’s design is fairly minimalistic and those looking for a straightforward experience will favor the changes made by KandyPens.

What to Expect From the Oura Black’s Features

When vaporizers exploded onto the market, they were hailed for their ability to simplify the experience of vaping dabs. As new vaporizers continue to be released to the public, it has become harder and harder to impress and most enthusiasts favor a versatile vaping experience. This is something that the Oura Black certainly has to offer. Thanks to the inclusion of two battery-powered vaporizers that can be switched out quickly and easily, the Oura Black was clearly designed with versatility in mind.

At first glance, it would seem that vapor would be passed through the base of the Oura Black. Thanks to a clear vapor path configured to allow vapor to pass through the water pipe before being inhaled, you can be sure that your vapor hasn’t passed through any of the device’s circuitry or electronic components.

Further focusing on a personalized and versatile vaping experience, the Oura Black also comes equipped with different temperature settings. It is rare to find a vaporizer that functions via a single operating button but the Oura Black is one such vaporizer. The device’s Smart-Touch button allows the user to select one of four different temperature settings including:

  • Yellow Light- 620 F
  • Green Light- 860 F
  • Red Light- 980 F
  • Blue Light- 1090 F

By tapping the Smart-Touch button five times, you will turn the Oura Black on in which it will vibrate to alert you that it has been activated. With two taps of the Smart-Touch button, you can then turn the vaporizer to “Sesh Mode” which will heat the device up for a period of one minute. Users are able to switch to their desired temperature setting while in “Sesh Mode” by tapping the Smart-Button three times to switch between settings. Finally, users can check on their device’s battery life by simply holding the Smart-Touch button for five seconds.

Finally, one of the most convenient features found in the Oura Black vaporizer is its auto-shutoff. After four minutes of inactivity, the device will power itself down to save battery life. Most of us forget to turn our vaporizers off after use and this feature is helpful in conserving battery instead of sitting there to drain.

Overall Pros and Cons of the Oura Black Portable Rig Vaporizer

In summary, KandyPens has created a really solid product in its Oura Black vaporizer. While not as discreet as some of the manufacturers other vaporizers, the Oura Black is still an incredibly portable rig and is light enough to carry from room to room easily when in use.

The Oura Black’s design offers convenience, efficiency, and innovation while still producing high-quality vapor for you to enjoy. Features like the device’s Smart-Touch button, personalized temperature settings, and automatic shutoff are innovative and are absent in many of the device’s more expensive competitors. This portable rig vaporizer was named the “Best Portable Dab Rig of 2019” by The Vape Critics and we can’t say we disagree.


  • Solid design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy maintenance and clean up
  • Great vapor production
  • Convenient temperature settings
  • Smart-Touch button
  • Automatic shutoff to save battery


  • Expensive
  • No atomizer for dry herbs