Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review – The Newest Desktop Vaporizer on a Roll!

Arizer has revolutionized desktop vaporizers by releasing affordable ones in the market. Later on, they tried their hand on portable dry herb vaporizers such as Solo 2, Arizer Air 2 & Arizer Go. Regardless of the category, the Arizer has a similar set of unique features, including precise temperature control and clear OLED screens with long borosilicate mouthpieces to keep the vapor cool. Consequently, all these fantastic features have become Arizer’s signature style.

Arizer XQ2 complete accessories

It is safe to say that Arizer has been considered the king of desktop vaporizers. And now they are here again with a new desktop vaporizer- the Arizer XQ2, which looks like an update from the Extreme Q. However, Arizer XQ2 has a new look with a striking aesthetic and redesigned digital display results from 15 years of product design & development and customer feedback. So let’s waste no more time and dive into the XQ2 world!

What comes in the box?

The Arizer XQ2 will come with a complete set of accessories. The majority of them are made with high temperature-resistant borosilicate glass! 

Here is the list of the things that will come in the XQ2 box;

  • 3-inch Whip
  • Glass Mini Whip
  • Glass Connoisseur Bowl
  • Aromatherapy Dish
  • Multi-Purpose Heater
  • Balloon Mouthpiece
  • Power Adapter
  • Air Intake Filter
  • Aromatic Botanicals
  • Flat and Doomed Screens
  • Balloon Connector
  • Balloon Cap
  • Balloon Bags
  • Stainless Steel Tool
  • Remote Control


Arizer XQ2 with remote

Like other Airzer products, the Arizer XQ2 has a cone shape and is relatively taller than other desktop vaporizers. The body has a shiny finish, and the top is where you attach the collection bag or the whip attachment. Moreover, the 3-inch whip attachment has a glass end that is easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, the balloon attachment is usually made for high volume and is easily detachable, making it more portable. It will also have a borosilicate glass attachment to ensure pure vapors. 


User-Friendly Operating System

One of the top features of the XQ2 is the user-friendly operating system. It has a more extensive and easy-to-read display that displays current and the set temperature. It provides access to incredible features with a touch of a button that includes the following settings;

  • The power button turns on and off the device.
  • The fan button turns on the 3-speed fan, and then repeatedly pressing it would change the fan’s speed.
  • Use the setting button to access the custom session settings, and with the same button, scroll through them. Use the same button to reach the setting and the arrow buttons on the right side to adjust the settings.

Redesigned Remote Control

Arizer XQ2

The convenient remote control will come with direct access to your favorite feature and can quickly become your go-to accessory! It has a power button, fan speed control buttons, audio control button, an LED button, and an auto-off timer button. Moreover, three programmable temperature preset buttons give fully customizable temperature control. 

Aromatherapy Dish & Botanicals

Do you want to make the environment relaxing before you start vaping? Arizer has got the solution! Set the device at a low temperature, pour some botanicals in aromatherapy dish & heat your favorite herbs or flowers to enhance the relaxing environment. 

Note: Do not pour any liquid into the dish as it damages the dish and is not covered under warranty either.

Updated Whip Attachment or Balloon System

You can use the 3’ whip attachment for the direct draw and a 3-speed fan for the assisted draw. It will come with high-quality silicone tubing to ensure smooth vapor delivery. Additionally, the silicone tubing will swivel 360°, providing easy sharing. Or, you can use the balloon by placing a bowl on the unit and attaching the mini whip and balloon to the mini whip. Now activate the speed fan at the preferred speed to collect the vapors. 

Chamber Sizes for Glass Connoisseur Bowl

XQ2 has two different options of a glass chamber to be used with a balloon and whip system. One of the chambers has a larger capacity, with the glass screen being closer to the heater and known mainly as a cloud chamber. This chamber produces thick vapors and is ideal for extensive sessions. The other is a flavor chamber with a smaller capacity & a glass screen further from the heater. This chamber produces light vapors and is ideal for micro-dosing or personal use.

Vibrant LED Strip

Arizer XQ2 LED base

The Arizer XQ2 also has an LED stripe covering the base’s lower portion. It can be set to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of the 8 color options, and can be turned off. However, the Dynamic mode tells the user about the device status in the following ways.

  • The strip pulses from yellow to orange during the heating process.
  • It blinks the green color twice when it reaches the set temperature. 
  • The LED strip pulses orange continuously at a stable temperature.
  • For fan operation, it pulses purple.
  • LED strip reflects cyan for the cooling mode.
  • For the cooling with fan, it pulses blue color.

On the other hand, the strip changes color every two seconds in a loop on the spectrum mode. However, you can also switch off the lights if you want!  

Final Say

Overall, Arizer offers great vaporizers at a fantastic price. Also, the quality of their accessories and the attachments of the vaporizers are excellent and are one of the main reasons that make them famous in the market. Moreover, they have consistently delivered pure and high-quality vapors, and it is not any different this time either. Similarly, the Arizer XQ2 seems like an exciting desktop vaporizer with amazing features and all necessary accessories to support convenient vaping!