Yocan Vane Review

Yocan Vane is a compatible dry herb vaporizer. Portable vaporizers come in many different sizes and shapes, however, even the biggest vaporizers on the market can still fit in your pocket but this one fits the best. Considering the Yocan Vane, this little device packs quite a powerful punch. It does come in a slim box with a cleaning brush and a USB type-c charger which is perfect because it’s like what your android uses. There are a lot of cool products from Yocan but this one is people’s most favorite in terms of the dry herbs vaporizer. Let’s review the features of this stunning vaporizer in this detailed article by Haze Smoke Shop.

Magnetic Mouth Piece With Two Level Airflow Filtration

Yocan Vane Mouthpiece

At the top, it has the mouthpiece, which magnetically connects, and also has a ceramic filter that is detachable. The ceramic filter stops herbs and other things from getting into your mouth. There is another screen filter just above it to stop any more debris from getting to your lips and inside of your mouth.

Ceramic Heating Chamber

Yocan Vane ceramic heating chamber

Right under the mouthpiece, there is the heating chamber. It’s an oval, completely ceramic heating chamber. Herbs must only be filled up to the white line of ceramic, the rim has black plastic over it and that part does not heat up. If your herb product is going over that white line it will not get hot, so just fill it up to the white line to enjoy a great airflow and great heating throughout the entire session.

Vibration Reminders And Large Size Airflow Holes

Yocan vane improved airflow

It has vibration reminders so that when your vape heating is optimal, it does vibrate. When you look at this piece of equipment, you will notice that the built quality is one of a kind. It’s almost like metal and it is definitely not made of plastic. You can put your herbs in the heating chamber below and the mouthpiece goes back on. There are large size airflow holes on both sides to provide a lot of airflow which is pretty nice in a dry herb vaporizer that gets as hot as this one does. Basically, it is really super simple unit with extraordinary features.

Temperature Unit Selection And Various Sessions Mode – Cool Features

yocan vane temperature control

To turn it on press the main button five times, you will hear the vibration. It has a small display that shows temperature and battery life. Temperature can easily be adjusted with the help of two little buttons just below the display.

Another interesting feature of the Yocan Vane is that you can select the temperature unit of your choice. If the power button and temperature-increase buttons are pressed simultaneously that will change Fahrenheit to Celsius. Just press and hold for about two seconds and it’s going to switch over. If you do it the opposite way i-e by pressing the power button and decrease-temperature button together, then it will go from a three-minute session to a five-minute session. It means that when you press and hold the power button after session selection, it will vibrate and will let you know that it’s heating. As soon as it starts heating the countdown starts on the screen, it goes up really fast and heats up to the desired temperature in approximately 30 seconds or less. Once the timer runs out it will do a safety shut-off and then just turn off the device or turn off the heating at least. This unique feature makes it more special among dry herb vapes.

Cycle Dependent Auto Shut Off-How To Use?

Open up the top by removing the mouthpiece, pack it with your favorite flowery substance. Once it is filled, close it up. Hold down the power button for two seconds, it will vibrate and will start heating up. As already mentioned it also gives you a little countdown timer. Just let it heat up to the predetermined temperature. It has a timer on there to turn off if it gets over watts to protect it from the shortage. Once it is heated and ready to use, it will vibrate two more times and it is ready to go. After the timer runs down the device will shut off after completing one cycle.

Battery Life And Maximum Temperature

It comes with an 1100 mAh battery which is pretty huge for this device. The maximum temperature is 480F and minimum temperature is 200F.

Some Useful Tips On Yocan Vane!

The Yocan vane is a cool little device that fits in your pocket easily. It is very discreet but comes with a couple of warnings, such as, do not expose it to extreme temperatures, do not charge your battery through a car, do not overcharge or charge unattended. It is highly recommended not to use the device while charging. Order your Yocan Vane now at Haze Smoke Shop; Canada’s #1 Vape and Smoke Shop.