Smok Novo 4 Open Pod Kit CRC Version Review

Smok have been doing better and better with their latest devices and they still continue to be one of the most popular, if not the most popular manufacturer of vapor products, they have been refurbishing their lineup of pod systems just as we saw few months ago with the Nord 4 and others. It looks like it’s time for the novo to be revamped and receive similar updates especially with very low wattage and is now being called Novo 4 i-e the Smok Novo 4 open pod kit – CRC version.

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What’s Inside the box?

Smok Novo 4 kit comes in a pretty little box. Inside the packaging you are going to receive a user manual, a warning card, a quality control certificate, warranty card and of course the Novo 4 with the pod and the coil head already installed. There is also a spare coil head and a little USBC cable. That’s one big difference between Novo 4 and the Novo X. The Novo x took a USB while this takes a USBC.

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Regular Round wire vs Mesh Coil heads

Both the coil heads are rated at 0.8 Ohm. One is mesh coil while the other is just a regular round wire coil head. This round wire coil is rated higher i-e 12 to 25 Watts and the mesh is rated up to 12.5 Watts. Both coils vape great, but when you are vaping at a higher wattage i-e round wire coil head, you get more heat and more saturation. With the mesh since you are vaping at lower wattage, you will still get a phenomenal flavor with nice smooth saturation. But since it cuts the wattages on this about half, you are going to get a better battery life. Speaking about battery life of this smart little device, it comes with 800 mAh just like the Novo X.

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Shape and Design

The Novo version 4 looks and feels like the previous Novo. The size is very much the same and even looks are very much the same as well with nice and colorful yet plastic panels on both sides. It also inherits the same new airflow control wheel but also a control screen. There is an on and off switch that also allows you to change the wattage as well. Down at the very bottom we have a nice and convenient type C USB charging port and up at the very top the pod is attached by pressure and really well.

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Adjustable Airflow Dial

As already mentioned this novo 4 is just like the Novo X. It has the exact same size as the Novo x. Same size systems and everything except another difference with this that the Novo X does not have, this has adjustable airflow. On the front it got the adjustable airflow dial. it has three holes at the top and you can adjust that one way or the other as it doesn’t stop in one direction or the other. It just spins and spins for easy adjustment. But the good thing about this versus the Novo X is you could really dial in the airflow. You can close it off all the way and get a tight really good mouth to lung or you can leave it wide open and just get a really comfortable restricted lung head or you can adjust it in the middle and fine-tune your vape. This adjustable airflow is a big difference from the Novo X not having it.

Size and built quality

The Novo 4 is made of a little bit of zinc alloy and plastic. It got some good weight to it, feels good in hand and it is nice and small too. It’s about the size of the index finger approximately.

All-in-One Power Button and the Display

Below the adjustable airflow dial on the front it says Smok and then down at the bottom it has the mini screen and you get all-in-one button. This button is device’s on/off switch and it also works as your adjustable wattage switch, in-fact this single button does it all. It doesn’t have a fire button just like the Novo X, it is auto draw. You pull on it and you will get your nick and vape. Five clicks of this button switch the device on. Once the device is on, the mini display screen will show wattage, battery gauge with the battery percentage in the upper portion while underneath you get your resistance and puff counter. Two clicks on the button underneath is all it takes to be able to adjust the wattage. You can adjust it between 5 and 25 watts, 0.5 increments scroll pretty quick and it does round robin to be adjusted to your desired wattage. The mini screen is super simple.

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Pod capacity and leak resistance

Pod capacity is 2ml and is attached by pressure at the top of the device. Pod is different looking than that of Novo X which is a lot darker if not black. This one’s got that tint and once you pull it out you would notice it’s clear. Inside the connector you will see the two contacts as well as the hole leading to the automatic draw switch because this one is activated by draw. On the bottom of the pod you get a sticker which must be removed before using the device. On the bottom of the pod lies two airflow intake holes so you can insert the pod either way as well as the coil head. You can also see that it has sort of an airflow chamber so in essence and indirect airflow feeding air to the coil head on the inside. That’s why the bottom of the coil head is sealed which will ultimately make this system leak resistant and not as prone to create condensation underneath.

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Two different coil heads

There are two coil heads included in the Smok Novo 4 pod kit. They do look similar but they are not the same size as the Caliburn coil heads therefore not comparable. One coil head is rated well with the resistance and the wattage but the other is not. It just says 12 watts. The one rated with resistance is just a simple round wire coil head while the other one rated for 12 watts only is actually a tiny little mesh coil head.

Coil Priming and Comfortable mouthpiece

The same principle applies here, two or three drops of e-liquid down the chimney should prime it and only then you can install the coil onto the pod aligned correctly. The pod by the way is clear below the mouthpiece but much darker in the mouthpiece area. The mouthpiece however is rather comfortable with the filling port located on the side having a rubber plug. Fairly large and wide filling hole lies underneath the rubber plug, so filling and refilling this one is a breeze.

Legit Mouth to Lung Draw

Mouthpiece is a little bit smaller than the Novo x while the air hole on this at the top is also smaller than the Novo x which enables you to get more of a legit MTL (Mouth to lung) draw off this than the Novo X. The pod fits in this model nicely and tightly without being magnetic.

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Some Distinctive Features

Smok Novo 4 is a simple type of device, if you were a big fan of the Novo X but you want something with adjustable airflow then this is probably for you. If you are looking for an updated USBC charging port and you like the Novo x but you just wish it had a USBC then Novo 4 is there for you. The Novo X vape between 1 and 25 watts but this one goes between 5 to 25 watts.

The Smok Novo 4 is available in various different colors. This thing is the best pod system Smok has ever put out, may not be perfect but so far the best from a performance and convenience standpoint. The coil heads included here, they nailed them. The flavor is very much like a Caliburn G, although already mentioned the coil heads look the similar but they are not the same.