Vaporlax Mate 800 Review

Vaporlax Mate 800 is a disposable vaping device which comes with prefilled pod. This model holds 3ml of nicotine salt with a large variety of flavors. This disposable vape pen comes with an integrated 500mAh battery. It is capable of producing 800 puffs approximately and could last for 4 to 5 days. It comes in more than a dozen nic salt flavors.

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Inside the Box

It comes in a beautiful simple packaging that does have specific color and mark of the flavor it contains. After opening the package, you will find that it is properly sealed in its own plastic wrapper, which says your vapor vapes better. It does come with the rubber stoppers on both the mouthpiece and the airflow situated at the bottom.

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Vaporlax mate 800 vs 1500 puffs

The Vaporlax Mate 800 is a bit slim as compared to the Vapolrax which comes with 1000mAh battery. The number of puffs in Vaporlax depends upon the quantity of liquid it holds and the battery size it comes with. The device with 1000 mAh battery comes with 6.5ml juice pod and is rated for roughly about 1500 hits, which is by far one of the highest hitting devices. There are some that are in that same neighborhood and there might be some with a little bit higher ratio but Vaporlax Mate tops them all.

Mouth to Lung vaping with Vaporlax mate 800

It has a simple pen like shape having the airflow on the bottom with a tiny hole in there. This bottom will light up when a hit is taken. The mouthpiece is situated at the top just like many other devices. It has comparatively a wide mouthpiece. You would definitely get a good solid hit with this. If you are looking for something that is going to have that tighter MTL pull, this is definitely going to be it. If you want something that’s going to give you harder hit, more of a long hit, more of a flavor hit, just more overall this may be something that you want to give a shot to try out. It is definitely more convincing compared to the standard type disposables that are out there.

Draw activation mechanism

It works on draw activation principle i-e it does not have any button to switch it on but it starts working the moment you pull a draw. The bottom lights up and it does hit to let you know that it is activated. Some people out there do try to get a deeper harder hit while most of the disposables especially the lower hit ones they are not really designed to hit that hard which is why it may feel like they burn out faster but this is not the case with Vaporlax mate 800.

Is it a cloud machine?

It’s not something that’s meant to have a super hard lung hit to it but you definitely do get a really good hit out of it even if you are doing just a straight mouth draw off this. Though it produces nice cloud but it must be kept in mind that it is a disposable device, so is not meant to be a cloud machine but for what it is, the cloud output on this is pretty solid.

Smooth flavor

Flavor-wise it is very smooth you definitely do get a full flavor out of it. It doesn’t irritate your throat as they have managed to balance the flavor to suit your choice. You do feel it on the throat but it’s not as hard of a hit. You definitely feel it but the one thing that is special about Vaporlax is once you hit that throw hit, as soon as it hits your throat the flavor takes over and it doesn’t produce the urge to cough because the flavor kicks in, so then it calms that urge and then you get flavor for the rest of the vape including on the exhale. The flavor does hold up through the vape.

Pocket Friendly Disposable device

It is simple to use, featuring no button at all, simply just draw activation and fits well in your pockets. Though it is a disposable machine but the slim design, 500mAh internal battery and being rated for 800 puffs with the flavor being a solid as it is and with a nice down hit to it without being too much. This is definitely disposable that will last you but will also hold up for what you are looking for whether you are a flavor person or whether you are looking for something that has that type of throw hit to it. Try this out if you are a disposables user as it will not disappoint you.

Vaporlax Falvors

Some of the famous flavors of Vaporlax mate 800 are Pineapple Ice, Strawberry banana, Banana ice, lush ice, Mango ice, Peach mixes, Pink lemonade, Tropical punch, cool mint, Pineapple Peach mango and Tropical Punch.