MOTI Classic Device Review

MOTI Classic Device is a chargeable refillable pod system. It comes in two different pod versions, the first version is going to be the refillable where you would actually get the pod and fill it up and then the second version is prefilled. So you can actually buy them in certain flavors and then just pop them in and they are already filled with the liquid to make it a little bit easier. MOTI Classic vapes bring a less hassle vaping without interruption if you are the type of person who only needs a user friendly and enjoyable product.

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An Excellent alternative for Quitting Cigarettes

MOTI Classic is another alternative for quitting cigarettes. It is a type of vape that helps you quit your daily habit of smoking cigarettes to achieve a better and healthy lifestyle. This device might be the right choice for you.

Inside the Box

The MOTI Classic a chargeable device with replaceable pods which comes in a simple yet informative packaging. The box has more information at the back i-e the specs, nicotine warning, product inclusion and QR code on their website. Opening the cover, you will see the device itself and underneath is a short micro USB charging cord and a free disposable pod.

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How it Works?

Just remove the cover, seal and the silicone cover and insert it into the MOTI pod and start puffing it. There are many color variants to choose from. The design is also minimal and classy. On the bottom is the micro USB port for charging and on the top portion is the contact and magnet that holds the pod. There is also a light indicator in the middle that turns on when you draw.

Pretty Straightforward Puffing Device

Puffing this device is easy and pretty straightforward. There are no voltage controls or any other technical settings and have no buttons either. It is just a draw activated pod, just take a draw and it will start producing vapors.

Battery and Recharge

It is backed with 500 mAh battery that can last up to 600 puffs or atleast one day of use and can be fully charged in 50 minutes.

0%, 2% and 5% Nicotine Salts

There is a wide variation of MOTI e-juice available in either zero percent, two percent or five percent nicotine salt. 5 % salt nicotine is intense especially when using the menthol flavors. 2 % is just smooth that gives a soft throat hit. Though mg of nicotine depends on how you smoke cigarettes, so for beginners who are currently a heavy smoker and wants to switch to vape, it is recommended getting the 5 % salt nic as it is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes a day.

The MOTI Pre-filled pods – Ceramic Coil

The MOTI pre-filled pods have a ceramic coil technology which is very efficient and perfect for almost every e-juice we have. It has 1.8 ml juice inside and once the juice is finished, you can now properly dispose of the pod.

MOTI Classic vs MOTI Piin

The MOTI Piin has tighter puffs while the MOTI Classic pod gives you a more solid throat hit with better airflow. Both give a comfortable experience without worries and will satisfy you in a safer way. MOTI Piin is a prefilled disposable vape device while the MOTI Classic comes with two options of pods, one is refillable and the other is prefilled disposable pod. Refillable pods of MOTI Classic can be easily filled with e-juice of your choice, while the disposable pods come prefilled in many flavors. Talking about the flavors, the MOTI Piin has 18 different flavors to choose from, e.g strawberry ice, blueberry parfait, wine ice and banana frost. While the MOTI Classic has lots of different flavors as well, some of the all-time favorites are, watermelon ice, lychee, banana frost, booster and tobacco flavor. The flavors are good and accurate

Why just Vape?

Vaping is a therapy for you to completely stop using traditional cigarettes. Whether you are currently vaping and currently in 12 mg of nicotine or a heavy smoker that consumes one pack a day and wants to switch over to vape, MOTI Classic is the right device to help.  MOTI e-juices come in 5 % to 0 % salt nic.