Arizer Air Max Review: Is It Better than the Predecessor?

Arizer is a well-known brand for making high-quality devices, and the latest release, Arizer Air Max, from the company looks to be their most portable one ever. Arizer has ensured that the latest device lives up to its name with the newest innovation and upgraded features. It has added a USB-C cable, a massive battery and seems to be a mix of the Air II and Solo II with even better features. In this article, we at Haze Smoke Shop will take a closer look at the Arizer Air Max and see how it is better than its predecessor?

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What’s included in the Package?

When you receive the package, the first thing you notice about this latest Arizer device is the smaller box compared to the predecessor. Looking at it makes you believe that the Arizer has done a pretty efficient job with the packing! It is cheaper to ship the smaller packager and prevents unnecessary packaging waste. They have also eliminated the little belt pack included with the older model. However, there is a variety of alternatives available if you need them!

Open the box, and you will see the instruction manual that explains everything about the device. The instructions are detailed enough to let users enjoy without worrying about searching for information on the internet. The device comes with a battery already installed. However, you need to remove the plastic tab protecting the battery before using this device. The device looks stylish, and the buttons have been moved onto the sides of the device. The relocation makes the operation more accessible with a single hand.

The package comes with several accessories too. The one crucial accessory is the USB-c cable and the wall adapter to plug it. In addition, you can find the USB-c charging port on the back of the air Max. Another essential accessory is a glass aroma tube with its travel case and cap to carry it on the go. One handy accessory that comes with a package is a 14mm water pipe adapter. Other accessories include a stirring tool and filter screens for the stems. Moreover, the package also offers a glass aroma dish with a travel case and a sample of aromatic botanicals.

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Upgraded Features

The latest Arizer Air Max has come with unique upgrades for features, making it a success already. The first one is the auto screen inversion, which inverts the screen to not look at an upside-down screen. This works well when using the Air Max with the water pipe adapter. The screen will also reverse when you place it bottom-up and leave it for charging. This might look like a minor update, but it is fantastic and super helpful considering that vape enthusiasts love to use the vaporizers with the water pipe, which requires them to place the vaporizer upside down. Another significant upgrade is the battery life. The device looks slim, but when you open it, the entire internal space is consumed by a big removable battery. The battery upgrade has jumped the average life of Air Max to 135 minutes from the 90 minutes of Air 2. The massive enhancement allows the users to take the device on a weekend trip without a charger need. However, if you run out of the battery, it offers USB-C charging that charges 90% of the battery in just two hours. Moreover, pass-through charging makes sure the user can use it without waiting for the device to charge.

Another substantial upgrade is the dark mode. This feature is for those who would like to use dark mode or simply for those who would like to use it more discretely. One additional benefit of this device is that you can directly turn it into dark mode without going through different button combinations to enable it. Instead, you simply need to press the menu button and choose between stealth and regular mode with the plus or minus button. The device also allows you to switch back and forth between the modes while using it. Overall, the feature is incredible and makes the device look more attractive and stylish.

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Air 2 vs Air Max

To begin with, the Arizer Air Max is slightly taller than the Air 2, which is estimated to be almost 1 inch taller. But, overall, the Air Max has a much more refined and mature look because of its stylish shiny exterior compared to the blue plastic surface of Air 2.

The Air 2 comes with a 18650 battery, while the Air Max uses the more powerful 26650 battery. The vapor produced for Air Max is massive and better because of the more powerful battery. Also, the Air 2 has micro USB built-in charging in its device, and the Air Max has a USB-C charging system for them. Overall, the device looks more similar to the Solo 2 in terms of the vapors & power than its predecessor Air 2.

For the Body, the Air 2 has a screen and three buttons on the front, while the Air Max only has a screen on the front, and the three buttons are split up and moved to the sides. Consequently, it is easier to turn on the Air Max because of the tidier look than the uneasy positioning of the Air 2 buttons.

Overall, the Arizer Air Max is a significant update over the Air 2 with much-improved battery life, screen inversion, and other features, making it a better device than the Air 2.

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Should You Buy it?

The Arizer Air Max is definitely a step forward in the Arizer’s collection. The device comes with many updates and basically bridges the gap between the Air series and Solo II. Furthermore, the added features such as USB-C compatibility and the addition of a water pipe adapter in the package make us very happy as vape enthusiasts. Overall, the device is a wonderful option in the portable dry herb vaporizer, which is affordable, easy to use, and produces impressive vapors. So, if you are looking for a quality vaporizer that doesn’t break the bank, we would recommend this device to you!

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