XMax V3 Pro Review

The XMax V3 Pro is a dual use vaporizer for dry herbs/ground materials and concentrates. It is very pocketable, pen style and probably one of the best cheapest 2-in-1 vaporizer on the market right now. It has a real smooth and sleek design that fits really well in the hand. The V3 Pro is a really great looking unit, you would like the shape and feel of it in your hand.

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What’s Inside the Box?

The V3 Pro comes packed in a shrink wrapped box with diagram outside showing the contents, giving you a little bit of safety information and on the inside of the box everything is packed very neatly. The device is packed in a fingertip pull foam carton and on the inside there is a pull tab for the contents box which holds all the accessories i-e alcohol swabs, USB-C charging cable, cleaning brush, alcohol pads, concentrate cup and a thorough instructions manual.

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Uniquely Designed Mouthpiece with Ceramic Air Path and Stainless Steel Chamber

At the top of the device you have the plastic mouthpiece. At the bottom of the mouthpiece there is a filter and inside of that there’s actually a ceramic air path that goes through to the tip of the mouthpiece and that connects down into the stainless steel chamber, and then the air path right out the side so it gives that isolated air path and a real nice stainless steel chamber.

Metal Body and Magnetic Battery Panel

The V3 Pro comes with a mouthpiece tip and a pre-installed battery which can be removed. It’s got a metal body. You can see at the bottom there is a little panel that pulls off magnetically and inside of there is the replaceable battery. The battery case is magnetic. On the front of the unit it has OLED display and power button and on the bottom there are two temperature control buttons.

Larger OLED Display

Make sure it’s fully charged before you use it. You can see when it’s charging there is a big OLED screen battery indicator on the front. The screen has got big display on it because sometimes it’s hard to read the little small OLED screens but you will notice that when you power on the V3 Pro, you will see really big easy to read letters there.

Working Voltage & Temperature Range

The XMax V3 Pro holds a removable 18650 battery with 2600 mAh. The working voltage of the device is from 3.2 to 4.2 volts. The temperature range will go from about 212 to 428 Degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius. The oven material is metal and the session time can either be a four-minute session or a six-minute session.

Turning the Device On – Switching to On Demand Mode and Auto-Shut Off System

The XMax V3 Pro has three buttons on the front. The button at the top of the display is power button and below the display are two temperature control buttons. Press the power button three times to switch on the device. It starts heating automatically. If you click the temperature up and down button at the same time it will go to on-demand mode, which means that it only heats while you are pressing the power button. It will heat up to the temperature that you have set. So unlike the session mode which is operated off the timer, the on-demand mode only heats while you are pressing the button down and then it stops heating when you release. For either mode you set the temperature with the up and down buttons. And when you are on-demand mode if you leave it there for 30 secs without touching it, it goes into a standby mode for two minutes and after two minutes it’s going to shut down by itself.

Session Time Adjustment & Temperature Unit Selection

If you press the temperature up button and the power button that changes the session from four minutes to six minutes. If you press power button and the temperature down button, you get the Celsius. In order to change to Fahrenheit, just press the bottom button and the power button at the same time and it will switch over to Fahrenheit.

Battery and Some Other Interesting Features

The XMax V3 Pro comes with a removable 18650 battery. There are a lot of vaporizers that cost much and still don’t have a removable battery. USB-C charging, again a lot of expensive vaporizers don’t have USB-C. It also comes with a session mode and an on-demand mode. Mouthpiece comes off very easily and its silicone gasket comes off very easily too and you can see a screen on the bottom of the mouthpiece which could be effortlessly replaced to alter airflow. Inside the mouthpiece there is a ceramic air path which helps cool down your vapor.

Amazing Vapor Cooling Mechanism

The vapor is cooled off tremendously by the ceramic piece inside the mouthpiece, which could be easily taken out for cleaning. The holes on the side is for the air to come in through to help with the convection, so it must be kept in mind not to block them off.

Glass Water Pipe Adapter and Bong Connector

This unit does have a glass water pipe adapter/attachment and it also does have a glass mouthpiece, which you can get easily. You can attach V3 Pro with a bong through a silicone cap/connector that fits really well onto the mouthpiece. This device performs really well, even if you have the best vaporizers you should still get one of these and if you don’t have a vaporizer and it’s your first time getting into it then you really need to get this. It’s going to be your best introduction to convection because for the price you cannot beat it.

Best Device for Flowers

This device gives you all the bells and whistles of higher priced vaporizers that sometimes don’t even come with this stuff. This is giving it to you all in one package. Trying concentrates in this device might not produce desired results for some users but when it comes to flowers, Xmax V3 Pro is one of a kind.