Smok Scar-18 230W Review – The Dual Battery Mod

The Scar 18 is a heavy duty vape kit by Smok. It comes with a TFV9 tank as well as with the Scar 18 mod. This is a dual battery (18650) mod but it does not come with the batteries. It does go up to a maximum of 230 Watts. The interesting thing about the Scar is that it only has wattage and temperature control settings, so it doesn’t really need all that extra settings, making it easy to operate. It is rated IP67 that means it is shock-proof, water-proof and dust proof. So if you accidently drop it, you are good to go except for the glass on the tank. This device got all those nice features that most people like and it does not have the unnecessary features, making it the best choice for beginners.

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Inside the Box

Smok Scar 18 comes in a nice packaging having the color of your device. It got some kit contents on one side and it tells you a little bit of information on the other side and the bottom as well. Inside the box you are going to get the device itself and in addition to that you will get some O-rings and gaskets for the tank, the verification information and warranty card, a battery safety card, a USB charging cable, a TFV9 tank with a spare glass and a spare coil and the user manual for the Scar 18 which is going to give you some specifications and all the information that you need to know.

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TFV9 Smok Tank

The TFV9 Smok tank is 25 mm in diameter. It has a protruding 510 on the bottom and it does say designed by Smok. On the top it comes with their standard 810 drip tip but it’s not a real 810 drip tip because it does have the O-rings on the drip tip rather than having it on the inside. This actually has the child proof locking mechanism which is an interesting feature of the Scar. The tank is filled from the top and in order to fill it, you need to lift the base of drip tip up and then twist it back until the filling port is completely exposed. You will also see the gasket underneath; this is the gasket that they give you if you need to replace it. Close it, swivel it back and put the top in that automatically drops down.

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Adjustable Airlfow

On the bottom of the tank it does have an adjustable airflow and it is on a stopper. They do have this kind of fragmented airflow system; it is supposed to make it smoother so that you don’t get any type of whistling noises or anything like that.

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How to Change the Coil and Glass?

To get inside the tank in order to change the coil or the glass, simply unscrew the base. Once you unscrew the base, this is where you can actually remove the coil and the glass if you want to put the other glass on it. Usually the spare glass is there if you are replacing it if it gets damaged or broken. However, it must be kept in mind that it’s the same exact glass with the glass that they provide, no matter which one you are using, it does hold 6.5ml of e-liquid. On the inside you will find already installed a 0.15 Ohm V9 mesh coil but you actually get two because they are the exact same one, the spare one is the same as the one already installed. The coil is rated between 40-90 Watts.

Putting the Coil Back In – Avoid Leakage

To put the coil back in, it is recommended to put it in its place and turn it the wrong way until it clicks and then you can turn it the right way. That way you know that it’s actually threaded in place and is threaded-in correctly. The majority of leaking issues is because the coil is not threaded in correctly.

Priming the Coil

Whenever you do have a new coil you need to prime up that coil, just to help it get saturated so that it doesn’t take as long to sit and wait or you can just put the coil in, put the tank together and wait about 15 minutes. You can prime the coil by holding it sideways and pouring few drops of e-liquid, make sure it is saturated.

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Filling the Tank – Pod Capacity

After priming the coil, put your tank and coil together. Then all you need to do is fill it and as already mentioned it does hold 6.5 ml of e-liquid. Just pick the mouth piece up and twist it to reveal the filling port, pour the e-liquid of your choice and when you are done with filling, close it down. For better results, let the coil sit for at least 5 minutes even if you do prime up the coil. This way it will get nice and saturated before you use it. This device does have a spring-load 510 where the tank is attached to the device.

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Mod Built Specifications

It has a power/fire button, right below it has the OLED screen and below that are two up/down buttons. On the bottom the device has battery flip, having battery ventilation holes. It is a dual battery mod so it’s going to have that flip over just like the old P3 Mag kit. The flip does have the battery indications printed very clearly. Down in the bottom of battery space, you also have the negative and the positive clearly marked as well. After putting the batteries close the lid down so that it locks in place. The USB port is situated on the side towards bottom of the device, which is protected by a rubber cap.

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Turning the Scar 18 On

Clicking the power button 5 times turns the device on, it says scar and then you have got your display. On the display you will see your power mode information, your Wattage, coil resistance, your voltage-which will only show when its firing, RMP, your puff count and battery indications. The battery indications are actually in percentage which most of the people do like a lot.

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Interesting Shortcut Features – Locking the Wattage

There are couple of shortcut features for instance if you press the plus and minus (up/down) buttons at the same time, this will actually lock your wattage but it will not lock the device so that you can still vape but you won’t be able to change your wattage. By pressing the plus and minus again, it will unlock it.

Changing Display Colors

You can also change the colors of display by pressing your temperature up button and the fire button at the same time. If you press that you will actually filter through all the different colors of your choice e.g green, purple, orange, white etc.

Various Modes Settings

If you click the power button 3 times, it will get you into your menu. Once this turns a different color, you can actually cycle through the other mode sections i-e TC in Nickel, TC in Titanium, TC in stainless steel and then back to power. For instance, you choose the stainless steel; to select the mode press the fire button and you are in it. Now if you wanted to lock in the resistance of the coil, you can actually do it there. Press the fire button it goes down to the wattage, this is where you can actually change your wattage in temperature control and it does go up to the full 230 watts that this device is capable of. You can adjust it for your personal preferences. And then press the fire button again and you will be at your TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance), so if you know your range you can go ahead and put that in. Press it again and that is for your puff counter and if you press the fire button again, you are back up there to select it, long press and it’s now selected in TC.

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How to clear your puff counter?

To clear your puffs, you are going to click the fire button three times to get into the menu and then you are going to press your down and fire button and that will actually clear your puffs.

Temperature Settings

You can adjust/select the temperature from 100 degrees Celsius to 315 degrees Celsius and then it does round robin over to Fahrenheit, so you will go from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and then it goes back to Celsius.

Wattage Settings

To get back to power, do 3 clicks to fire button then long press the power button, now you are back in Wattage mode. In wattage mode, it does go from one watt up to a full 230 watts. The longer you press the up-button, the faster it scrolls and it does round robin to one watt which is definitely a plus for many users.

Compatible with Aromamizer Plus V2 Atomizer

As already mentioned that this is a 230 Watt device and it does take up to 30 ml atomizer. You can attach the Aromamizer plus V2 to the Scar 18, there is no overhang but it’s literally on the edge. It’s barely touching the side. So you can actually use a 30 mm atomizer with this device.

Smok Scar vs The Aegis

If you compare the Smok Scar with the Aegis mod, both are very similar. They are almost basically the same exact size; the Scar is just a little bit smaller but it has the same type of built material. Both got the rubberized feel as well but the top of the Scar seems a little bit better because it has a metallic plate where the tank/atomizer sits. The Aegis is a little bit heavier than the Scar, with the batteries in it. The scar does have a very easy navigation, super easy and you can change the color of the display.

Battery and Charging

The device holds two 18650 batteries that are not included in the box. It is not recommended to charge any external batteries inside of the device, instead it would be better to have an external charger because that way it actually prolongs the life of your batteries as well as your device. You can charge the batteries inside of the device if you really want to do that. Two fresh 18650 batteries can last about six hours of steady use.

Colors of Smok Scar 18

The Smok Scar 18 comes in 8 different colors including Black, Fluid Black White, Fluid Red, Fluid Blue, Fluid 7-Color, Fluid Gold, Red Stabilizing Wood and Green Stabilizing Wood.

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