Aspire PockeX Box 2000mAh Kit Review

PockeX Box is the latest device brought to the market by Aspire. The original PockeX was a stick based device with the tank built into the top of it. That device was particularly designed as an all-in-one device for beginners or for those who were trying to switch over to e-cigs. With the passage of time the original PockeX has become a bit aged, that’s why they came out with a newer version in that line i-e the Aspire PockeX Box. It’s the same basic concept, whereas the original was designed as a stick, this is more in a box shape. But it does have that unique built-in tank which is a part of the whole device. It has a much better finish and it still is aimed at that transitional market. It’s for newer people transitioning, or for people who want a smaller – more stylish and stealthier sort of vape. It’s definitely the best choice for starters.

Aspire PockeX Box 2000mAh Starter Kit [CRC Version]

Inside the Box

Aspire PockeX Box comes in a box that is pretty much the same as of other devices, with a little sticker on the front that tells you the color of the device. Inside the box you will get a user manual containing all the information you need to know i-e specs and details etc. you will also get a USBC charging cable, two Utec coils (1.2 Ohm, rated from 10-12 Watts and 0.6 Ohm coil – 18 to 23 Watts) and the device itself. This device comes with a 0.6 Ohm coil preinstalled. The tank holds 2.6 ml of e-liquid.

Grip-Friendly & Easy to Clean Built

The external finish of PockeX Box is a massive upgrade to the previous PockeX. The original PockeX is a really nice tube device, but that has a very shiny and glossy material, kind of fingerprint magnet but this new one has a rubberized feeling with a firm grip. The thing with this is that if you do get liquid on it, or if it gets wet, it’s going to be very easy to clean. It is not waterproof, dustproof or shockproof but it is very easy to clean.

General Overview

You will get a USBC charging port on the side and below that it has a little light for power or any other indicators. Fire button is on the front and on the base it has battery ventilation holes. Other than that it is pretty straightforward.

Built-in Tank On the Top

As mentioned the original PockeX was a stick with the tank built into the top, this device is a box kit and it is the same basic idea, it has the tank built into the device. You can’t unscrew or remove the tank, it won’t come off. The glass can be pulled out and replaced if needed but it’s surprising not to see any spares in the box. The coil goes in the glass and then screws onto the top and then you are good to go.

Removable 510 Drip Tip

It has a removable 510 drip tip. If you really want to replace it, you can easily remove it. In order to fill, simply give the tip a little slide, there is a little dot there on the top; just push it that way and the filling port will be exposed. Fill directly through there and it will come to the tank and when you are done with filling, slide that back over.

Adjustable Airflow

The airflow of this device is adjustable top-airflow, you can adjust it by giving it a turn. You can get that wide open or you can turn it to close down. It is nice and firm, it might seem a little bit difficult to adjust but the good part of it is that it will stay there where you want it to be and won’t move around.

Priming the coil

The coils of PockeX have large wicking ports so this should have no problem wicking-up. Normally, with most coils priming is recommended by dropping few drops of e-liquid down the center but keeping in view the different structure of these coils, it is suggested to let it sit for a little bit longer, at least 15 to 20 minutes, just to get this saturated properly.

Getting Started with The PockeX Box Kit

Grab the coil, slide it in the tank and tight it, just finger tight is good enough. Put the drip tip on top and screw it again, just finger tight. With the drip tip on the tank, it’s going to be a lot easier to adjust your airflow and there is no stopper. It’s going to go all the way around, and you can adjust up to your own preference.

Turning the Device On & Off

Five clicks to the fire button will turn the device on. The small light will flash there and then when you hit that button and fire, it’s going to light up. When you want to turn it off simply click the fire button 5 times. Always let the brand new coil to saturate for a little while.

Battery Charge Indicator

The little light also works as a battery charge indicator. When the battery is getting low, it will go red when it is under 3.5 Volts or when the battery charge is less than 33 %.  It will go blue when it is between 33 to 66 % and it will be green when it’s fully charged.

Pros and Cons

It is a nice looking device. The overall feel of it compared to the original version, it’s less stylish more utilitarian but actually it does look very nice as the finish is outstanding. The original has a coated metal that was very slippery and shiny, sometimes difficult to hold if you got any sweat or any excess e-liquid on there. This one has much more firm grip and is very easy to clean. It’s got that little bit of checkering on both sides that enhances grip, that’s a really nice feature. The button is in the perfect position so you could easily press it while holding the device. If you are a thumb fire, this is going to be perfect.

Overall it’s a nice looking and nice performing device. It is a very straightforward device. just put your coil in there, adjust your airflow, make sure it’s charged and you are good to vape it. There is no adjustment, there is no power levels, there is no 2 or 3 steps/modes of powers as some of the other devices have. It is one of the best options for beginners, as you don’t need to worry about temperature/wattage settings related to coils. Just pop your coil and vape. If you want more intense, go for a lower resistance coil and if you want a little less intense, less cloudy, go for a higher resistance coil and that’s pretty much how you are going to adjust this device by changing out to different coils.

Some users may find the device as a little bit under-power or weak. If you are used to other vaping devices and the ability to crank up the power, this may feel a little bit weaker to you. You may feel like the output is a bit cool but it’s not as intense as you would like. However, it may actually suit quite a lot of beginners because you have less intensity coming your mouth.

Battery and Charging

This device comes with an internal 2000 mAh battery. It takes around 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery. Charging time may be less if you are using a fast charger. You can vape for a whole day with one full charge.

Various Colors of Aspire PockeX Box Kit

Aspire PockeX Box comes in 5 different colors including; Grey, Black, Date Red, Navy Blue and Turquoise Green.