Smok Novo 2X Open Pod Kit Review

Novo 2X is a newly designed pod by Smok and it is almost like a remake of the original. They have added some extra features to the Novo 2X that the original Novo did not have. However, the pods of this new device are compatible with the original Novo. It is a pocket friendly and portable device. They replaced the side fill by top filling in this new device. It also has an airflow control, thus making it suitable for both MTL and restrictive direct lung vaping.

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What’s Inside the Box?

Smok Novo 2X comes in a box having the color of the device it holds. Inside the packaging you get a user manual, warranty card, Type-C charging cable, bath salts, a spare pod and the device with the pod pre-installed. The pod that comes pre-installed in the kit and the spare pod, both of them are the exact same with same specs.

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Non-Replaceable Mesh Coils – Top Fill Pods

The coils in the pod are mesh coils and are non-replaceable coils. The pods of Novo 2X are top fill. You can easily fill them, just snap the mouthpiece to a side and it will expose the filling port. It does have a membrane on the filling hole, just stick your e-liquid nozzle in there and fill it up. You will also see another small hole, that’s for air to escape. The coil resistance for both the pods that come with the kit, is 0.9 Ohm.

Filling the Pod & Pod Capacity

The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid. In order to fill the pod for the first time, you will need to stick the nozzle of e-liquid bottle inside the filling port to poke that membrane and then squeeze the bottle and fill. When you are done with filling, grab the pod, clip it right into place, you will hear the clicking sound when the pod is properly placed in its position. The pods are transparent below the mouthpiece; you will be able to see the level of your e-liquid through the sides.

Adjustable Airflow Control

The Novo 2X has an airflow control dial/lever on the back. You can adjust your airflow on this device according to your own preference. Most users prefer to keep it half open.

Pod Compatibility

The pods of Novo 2X are compatible with the original Novo. Most of the Smok devices have this feature that the pods of the old and new models are compatible with each other. Same is the case with Smok Novo 2X, if you are having the original Novo, you can use its pods in the Novo 2X or you can use the pods of Novo 2X in the Novo original device.

Smok Novo 2X vs The Original Novo

They have made some obvious changes in the Novo 2X. If you place the Novo 2X beside the original Novo, you will notice that the 2X is a little bigger than the original one. You can see a lot of changes that they have made, the Novo 2X does not have the charging port on the side, as was in the original Novo, instead it has a Type-C charging port at the bottom. The original Novo had the micro USB charge port on the side. The Novo 2X has a bigger battery of 800 mAh, while the original Novo had a smaller battery of 450 mAh. Both are draw activated devices. Novo 2X pods are top fill but the pods of the original device come with a side filling port. The original Novo comes in 8 different colors while there are 10 color options available for Smok Novo 2X. This device has three main features/improvements that distinguish it from the original model i-e airflow control, top fill and Type-C charge port.

Pros and Cons

Smok Novo 2X is not that kind of device to complain about. It’s got a lot of features that most of the user would like. It does have airflow control, that’s going to be a pro. You have a top fill in the pods of 2X, that’s something which is liked by many. 800 mAh battery for such a small and portable device is definitely a big pro. The kit comes with two pods, which is awesome. Type-C charging can also be considered as another pro, seems like everything that comes out now is Type-C charging. Speaking of the size, this device is a little bit taller than the original but it is a pro that the pod itself, even though it’s a redesign of the pod to where they made it into a top fill, that’s compatible with the original Novo. The only con that some user may find in this device is that the mouthpiece is a little bit wide for MTL (mouth to lung), but it’s a personal preference. Some may find it perfectly fine.

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Battery and Charging

Smok Novo 2X comes with an integrated rechargeable battery of 800 mAh. On the bottom it has a Type-C charge port. Charging time of the battery is approximately 90 minutes. They say that a fully charge battery can last for around 2 days if your use is moderate. It must be kept in mind that the battery charge is dependent on the style of vaping.

Various Colors of Smok Novo 2X Pod Kit

Smok Novo 2X comes in 10 different colors including, 7-Color Cobra, Silver Black Cobra, Black Cobra, Silver Red Cobra, White Cobra, Green Blue Cobra, Rasta Green Cobra, Fluid Black Grey, Red Stabilizing Wood and Fluid 7-Color.