Dr Dabber XS Review

Dr Dabber XS is a brand new device that just came out to the market. Dr Dabber devices are not new, the XS may look a little familiar to you. It has a very similar aesthetic to the Dr Dabber Switch but it is in a much smaller size. They brought in some of the benefits of the Dr Dabber Boost Evo as well as the Switch, into something that’s a little bit cheaper comparatively. A lot of portable e-rigs start around 250-300 and can go upwards to 500 dollars. That’s just not in the price range of most people but Dr Dabber XS solves that problem as it gives you a lot of the benefits of the premium rigs in a comparatively cheaper price range. XS probably stands for extra small. The big distinctive point of this device is the compact design. It’s supposed to be the smallest e-rig out there, or at least one of them.

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Inside The Box

It comes in a nice flapper box packaging. The front of the box doesn’t have any names, just the device itself with a glowing background. The back of the box contains the most details about the device. Inside the box you are going to have the e-rig, a quartz e-chamber, glass attachment, a glass carb cap and an accessory kit. Inside the accessory kit you are going to have a tether, loading tool, USB-C cable, glass filling funnel and three pre-packaged Isopropyl snaps/Q-tips. These snaps/Q-tips are unique in a way that you need to just snap them and it actually fills the head of the Q-tip with isopropyl, which is pretty cool. It doesn’t come with a physical printed instruction manual. If required, you can get the instruction manual from their website.

Ceramic Heating Element – Quartz Bucket

The atomizer of Dr Dabber has a ceramic heating element that goes around a quartz cup inside. It has got a quartz bucket that you are going to fill but there is a ceramic encapsulated heating element on the inside. Unlike some of the devices on the market right now, they went with quartz. Many people prefer quartz in terms of traditional dabbing, you will be amazed to see how it works on the smaller Nano rig.

Assembling Water Pipe Attachment and Carb Cap Tether

You can put the water attachment anyway you want. The water pipe attachment just pops on easily, simply roll it on. You have your carb cap as well, and when you open up the accessories box, you will find a silicone tether/attachment that goes on to the device where the chamber is, and it will fit snugly around your carb cap so that when you are not using it or you are loading it, it can just dangle there. And when you want to use the device, it holds and fits pretty snugly on there. Every part of Dr Dabber XS fits in super snug. You got gaskets down below that keep the glass/water attachment really snuggly and super air tight.

Water Filling Funnel – Filling Water Properly

Dr Dabber XS comes with a water loading funnel. Dr Dabber recommends that you fill the water, not from the mouthpiece but from the other hole in the glass part that attaches to the device (the one allowing air from outside in the glass). That’s why they give you the funnel. They recommend that you put about 1.25 inches of water in there. Basically you don’t have to fill it from the mouthpiece the way this is designed, instead what you are going to do is pop the funnel in the opening of water chamber, it will fit nicely and you can just fill the water up without ever taking the device actually off.

Recommended Quantity of Dab in XS Atomizer

Dr Dabber recommends an amount of dab that is equivalent to 1 – 2 grains of rice, to load into the atomizer of Dr Dabber XS.

Turning The Device On

To turn the device on, click the power button 5 times (which is pretty standard for most of the devices). You will notice four white lights underneath the power button, when it kicks on. That is your battery power. It’s got four temperature settings (475 – 625°F), which is a little bit higher than some of the devices in the market.

How to Change Temperatures in Dr Dabber XS?

To change the temperature settings, click the power button 3 times. There are 4 different temperatures, Purple, Blue, Cyan and Green. Purple is the lowest temperature while green is the hottest temperature at 625°F. Click the power button three more times again to switch between temperatures. Purple is the lowest at 475°F, Blue is at 525°F and the Cyan (lighter blue) is at 575 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating Dr Dabber XS

Hold the power button for 3 seconds and it will start heating the chamber/atomizer, the light in the power button will start pulsing red. If at any time you want to stop the heating process, press the button during this duration. When it is heated, it will stop pulsing and get to the color of your chosen temperature.

Battery and Charging

It is recommended to charge the device before use. Typically, these devices come mostly charged but not all the way, so it’s always good when you get a new device, throw it on the charge and make sure that it is completely charged. That way it’s going to operate as you need it to. Dr Dabber XS comes with an integrated 900 mAh battery. It takes around one hour to fully charge the battery. They claim that one full charge can last for approximately 20-30 heating cycles.

Pass Through Charging Feature

It has pass through charging feature, which means that you can use it while it is charging. That’s an awesome feature for such a portable e-rig.

Nano Rig Size Comparison – Dr Dabber XS vs Dr Dabber Switch and Boost Evo

It is very similar to the Dr Dabber Switch. You could see that it’s quite a bit smaller in comparison to Dr Dabber Switch as that was less portable, that was your at-home device. It’s even smaller than the Boost Evo. They call it a Nano-Rig.

Vapor & Flavor On Dr Dabber XS

The flavor is really good, especially with something this small that can be used on the go. It must be kept in mind that vapor production increases with rise in temperature, while one can get more flavor at lower temperature settings. Dr Dabber XS does not seem to compromise flavor at higher temperatures, which is a huge plus of the device. If there’s one con that could be pointed out; sometimes it seems hard to pull the carb cap off because it’s on there so well. It seems that this small issue could go away after several uses of the device. The carb cap regulates your cloud size.

Super Portable E-Rig with 1-Year Warranty

It’s an electronic rig that’s super portable and hits like a champ. Dr Dabber comes with a 1-year warranty. You would have to look at the website to see exactly what that covers and what it doesn’t but still 1-year warranty is pretty good.

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