Yocan CubeX Concentrate Kit Review

CubeX is a brand new product that Yocan just released. It’s a new Dab pen. This concentrate vaporizer has a new quad design body made of Aluminum. CubeX is a portable wax pen that could be easily carried in any pocket. It feels very light in the hand; it could be said that it has little to no weight. Yocan makes a lot of different products, this device has their TGT Tech coil. It has a completely new design and is a nice square looking product for on-the-go dabbing.

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Inside The Box

Yocan always does a great job on their packaging. CubeX comes in a nice box with a full color design on the front and description on the back. Inside the box you will get the device itself, a pick tool, USBC cable and the instructions manual.

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Quartz XTAL Rod and The Donut Coil – 510 Thread Connection

CubeX has this new technology coil and atomizer in it. The new coil technology combines a donut coil and the quartz XTAL rod, that makes it really different. It has large atomizer that has a 510 thread connection with the mod/battery. The 510 threading simply means that it’s really going to be easy if you need to replace the atomizer to work with it. Coil specs are, 5 Volt, 0.8 Amp with the resistance of 0.4 – 0.5 Ohm. Mouthpiece of CubeX is magnetic and just pops off easily by pulling which could be attached anyway you like. The coil in this device is something which they introduced for the first time in CubeX. Most probably, you would have never seen this type of coil before. It’s very intricately designed.

Unique & Large Atomizer

If you remove the top of the atomizer, you will find a whole new look inside; it’s not a square neither a rectangle and not a circle. It’s a combination to a lot of things, seems that they have given a lot of surface area. That’s the key, as in many 360 design atomizers where there is more surface area for heating which produces better flavor – the better your flavor, the better your performance for vapor is going to be. The atomizer has a cover which works as a splash guard on top of it. Once you put your product in it, you are going to put your magnetic mouthpiece on it is ready to use.

Turning the CubeX On/Off and Voltage Adjustment

To turn the device on, click the power button 5 times and to turn it off press the button 5 times again. In order to change the voltage, click the power button 3 times. Yocan CubeX has three temperature settings.

Pre-Heat Time

Preheat time of Yocan CubeX is 10 seconds. Click the power button twice to switch on the preheat mode. Many of the new companies of vape products are utilizing a 10-second preheat function. Several people are liking this concept.

On Demand Power

When the device is pre-heating, white light around the button turns on for 10 seconds. There is no timer or screen, it’s a very simplistic device. After heating, all you have to do is on-demand hold the power button and inhale, and enjoy.

Flavor and Vapor Production of Yocan CubeX

You will get a lot of vapor production at higher temperatures. If you change the temperature it will reduce vapor and enhance flavor. White is the lowest temperature. They claim that it won’t have a burnt flavor even at higher temperatures but that depends upon your personal experience and the quality of the dab you are using. You will be amazed to notice that the vapor production is amazing even at lower temperatures.

Pros and Cons

You might feel a little bit of heat in the body of the device. You need to be careful when you remove the mouthpiece immediately after use. Watch out for the atomizer because that is going to be very hot, do not touch it and wait a while until it gets cold. That might seem a problem to some users. Be careful while reloading the chamber directly after use as the atomizer will be hot. But you will be surprised to see that there is almost no residual after use. It has an incredibly strong hit with a lot of thick vapor. So if you are looking for an incredible amount of vapor from a portable light weight device, Yocan CubeX is one of the best option for you.

Battery and Charging

Yocan CubeX comes with a powerful battery of 1400 mAh. It takes around 60 – 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. One full charge could last for approximately 24 to 48 hours, depending upon your style of use.

Various Colors of Yocan CubeX

CubeX comes in 5 vibrant colors including Blue, Green, Violet, Black and White.

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