Utillian 8 Review

Utillian 8 is the brand new electronic rig introduced by Utillian. The enormous power and smart functionality of this device paired with hassle-free use and cleaning have made the Utillian 8 a solid option for all of those who want the finest experience from their wax. It enables you to get the best out of your concentrate’s terpenes. Using the Utillian 8 is very easy, they have designed this new device keeping in mind every common e-rig flaw. The interface is surprisingly simple with LEDs glowing behind the fabric and under the bubbler. It allows you to see the vapor generated and it also clearly communicates when to use the device.

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Overall Build and General Features

The Utillian 8 uses a strong Aluminum body housed in a case that uses both fabric and plastic. The fabric used on the base is a new innovation that has not been seen in the vaporizing devices yet. It feels like the type of fabric that you would see on a sophisticated electronic device. It feels very good in the hand while handling the rig during a session. It also provides a nice grip. There are two fabric color selections available. The BurstHit 3D chamber is made with ceramic and stainless steel which helps keep all flavors intact while providing more power. The carb cap wax tool is made of Zirconia which is well known for its low heat conductivity. The magnetic locking of the carb cap enclosure ensures that you know your carb cap assembly is properly attached. The bubbler has a nice narrower shape and tint. This narrow shape helps prevent splash back during use. E-rigs that don’t tint their glass look pretty gloomy after a few sessions as it conceals small splashes of water.

Attaching Glass Mouthpiece and Filling Water Properly

When attaching the glass mouthpiece be sure to pay attention to the alignment within the base of the unit. The hole on the bottom of the mouthpiece must be aligned properly towards the small slot on the inside wall of the base. Then screw in your BurstHit 3D heating chamber and snap the magnetic carb cap assembly on top. Fill the glass mouthpiece at least to a level above the two air holes in the bubbler. The maximum filling level is about half the height of the central cone. Then lightly pull on the detached bubbler and adjust the water level accordingly. If water bursts land in your mouth during inhalation you can either reduce the filling height in the mouthpiece or make your draw less intense.

Cold Loads VS Hot Loads

What is the difference between cold loads and hot loads? If you load your wax when the chamber is cold the flavor is not as great once the vapor is ready, but it is more convenient that’s called cold lading. Hot loading in contrast is when you wait till the unit is ready and hot, and signals green. Then load you wax via the provided tool into the chamber. Flavors are better this way, so hot loading is a best way to get 100% out of your expensive wax. With the Utillian 8 there is no need to directly place your wax onto the heating chamber as the wax will melt off the long tool in the heating process. But be sure to avoid over filling your chamber to avoid excessive reclaim accumulation. It is better just to load for one session. The reason is that the terpenes of your wax vaporize first and you want to make sure that your wax is done after each session otherwise you will have a bunch of preheated wax left over in the chamber that doesn’t have a better flavor anymore for your next session.

Four Temperature Settings

The Utillian 8 offers four different temperature settings. Temperature level one is around 205 – 260°C, temperature level two is around 260 – 315°C, temperature level three ranges from 315 – 370°C and temperature level four is around 370 – 425°C. Temperatures 1 and 2 are best suited for users seeking flavor and terpene extraction, while temperatures 3 and 4 are best suited towards users seeking big hits and cloud density. It is better to run a cleaning cycle before starting a session i-e run your device at the highest temperature setting for a full cycle in order to get rid of any machine oils or residues left over during manufacturing.

How to Cycle Through Various Temperature Settings?

To cycle through your temperature settings, press and hold the power button to engage a cycle and then press the button quickly to cycle through the various temperature settings. The LEDs surrounding the power button indicate these temperature settings. The rig will vibrate and glow green to let you know it’s ready to go, also being indicated by wisps of vapor if you have cold loaded your device. For hot loaders, this is when you would use the provided carb cap wax tool to fill the chamber with your material.

Fine Tuning the Airflow

It is recommended to inhale gently first and slowly calibrate yourself to a master draw. The small holes on top of the carb cap can be used to fine tune the airflow of your device alternating between the holes, using your index finger and thumb will cause turbulence mixing the vapor more effectively with the air and bouncing the terp pearls around improving the user and vapor experience. Once your session is done, the device will vibrate again and stop glowing to let you know that your session has ended and the device will automatically turn off.

Vapor and Flavor Quality – Role of Terp Pearls

The vapor quality on the Utillian 8 is excellent. It provides great flavor and greater cloud density. The Burst Hit 3D chamber gets up to temperature quickly and efficiently, allowing you to extract all active ingredients from your material in one hit. The 3D heating chamber comes with a set of Ruby terp pearls to make even the most basic concentrates taste super. Terp pearls are small balls that spin around your chamber while you take a hit. They help to distribute heat, stir your material and enhance flavor. They optimize surface area for optimal flavor extraction. The inclusion of the terp pearls shows that Utillian is keen on providing an experience similar to a traditional rig with the added convenience e-rigs provide.

Multi-Function Dab Tool

The multi-function tool which operates as a choker and dab tool is a unique feature of Utillian 8 because the tool extends to a couple of millimeters above the bowl. It allows you to properly stir your heated material, much like a traditional non-electric rig. This multi-function tool allows you to optimize your hits and wax usage. It also means that you can get through a session without opening the carb cap to see how much of your material is spent.

Easy Cleaning – Removable Vapor Pathway

Cleaning the Utillian 8 is made easier by fully removable vapor pathway. This feature allows you to soak your vapor path to have everything clean perfectly for a nicer fresh session. The vapor path also includes a metal tube in the silicone pathway to make sure that the vapor travels through taste neutral components. This feature is not very common in most of other e-rigs.

Powerful Battery and Auto Shut Off Feature

The Utillian 8 comes with a 3150 mAh battery which lasts for several days before needing a recharge. It uses USBC cable to charge. Utillian claims that one full charge is capable of giving you around 30 sessions. It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge the device. Pressing the power button 2 times rapidly will display the battery level of the device. It must be kept in mind that battery charge is dependent on temperature settings and your style of usage. The Utillian 8 has auto shut off feature that means you won’t drain your device if you forget turning the device off.

Pros and Cons

E-rigs are traditionally difficult to take around due to their glass components and sticky wax tools but you can carry this device around in its provided carrying case without any worry. Although Utillian is a fabulous new device that works really great but one of its weakness is the fact that it does not keep a precise temperature. If you really like hits at specific temperatures, you will need to use a lot of experience and awareness with this device. The Utillian 8 won’t be as consistent as e-rigs having digital display and pinpoint temperature accuracy. The Carta 2 is an example of such rigs that offer more precise temperature settings but it costs more.

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