Tronian Gammatron Review

The Gammatron is a brand new wax vaporizer by Tronian. It is a portable wax pen and this is the first time that Tronian has introduced a wax pen. They have created a quality device with a lot of features packed in one unit. It has gained a lot of attention for its unique features and efficient performance. The Gammatron is a 2-in-1 device, both dry herbs and concentrates can be used in it.  It has a sleek, cylindrical design that fits nicely in the hand and in any pocket. Tronian has introduced this device with a Kanthal heating element on the quartz core which is more robust than the flat heating chambers you would mostly find on less premium devices. It saves you money over time as this style of heating element is less likely to break. The power of this spring wound Kanthal heating element is also combined with its positioning within the bowl, allowing all of your wax to melt and shift closer to the heating element.

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Overall Build Quality – Stainless Steel Body and Zirconia Mouthpiece

The body of Gammatron is made of stainless steel. It comes in two colors, Black and Gun Metal. This device is coated with PVD, a thin corrosion resistant coating that provides durability and scratch resistance. The mouthpiece is made of Zirconia that’s why it doesn’t overheat and alter the flavor. The mouthpiece also serves as a wax tool of the device. Other less expensive devices use chrome platted copper or plastics that can accumulate residue quickly as they are hard to clean well. The Zirconia mouthpiece helps to keep vapor cool without distorting flavor. It is long enough to allow the wax to drip onto the element, excluding the need to fully open the top of the device while loading. It reduces the chances of excess wax being left on the heating element.

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Dimensions – Discrete and Portable Device

Tronian Gammatron is amongst the most discrete and portable devices. It is 1.6cm wide and 13.8cm tall. It is very pocketable device and can fit nicely in any pocket. The storage compartment for extra wax to carry is a super cool feature of this device. Built-in Zirconia wax tool right under the mouthpiece makes refilling very easy.

Turning the Device On

To turn the Gammatron on, press the power button five times rapidly. The LED lights seen during switching on indicate the battery charge of your device. If you see 1 to 3 lights, it has sufficient charge to get started. But if you see three lights blinking five times it means the device needs a charge. It is better to run a sanitation cycle before using any material in the device i-e running a heat cycle at the highest temperature while the chamber is empty.

Loading the Wax – Unique Mouthpiece Tool

Remove the mouthpiece tool and place your wax onto the opposite end of the mouthpiece by dipping it into the wax container, then push your mouthpiece back into place. The tool and wax will be in the right spot right above the heating element ready to be heated. This is unique, as with most wax pens the concentrate is placed directly onto the heating element. Generally, in most wax pens it is recommended to use the device in an upright position, the same applies to Tronian Gammatron. It is suggested not to overfill your device.

Various Temperature Settings of Gammatron

You can set your temperature by pressing the power button 3 times. The Gammatron uses three white LEDs on the side of the device to indicate voltage settings. One LED is around 2.7 Volts, two LEDs are about 3 Volts and three LEDs are for 3.3 Volts. However, it must be kept in mind that there is a degree of voltage calibration that happens automatically in the background to optimize the vapor. This makes the Gammatron a simple device for new users.

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Heat Cycle Voltage Calibration

The Gammatron also features a heat cycle voltage calibration. In order to enable this feature, press and hold the power button. It minimizes overcooking flavors and ensures protection of your wax from wastage in the heating process.

Kanthal Glass Heating Element – Vapor and Flavor Quality

The kanthal glass heating element enables Gammatron to produce big dense clouds. It places this wax pen in the same class with more expensive and heavier desktop devices. The Kanthal heating element helps to provide flexibility in flavor and vapor density. The element ensures even heating and helps prevent blind spots in your chamber i-e areas that the heating element fails to heat resulting in wax build up. This makes sure that every last drop of your wax is utilized properly. The metal heating element is rolled into a spring and wrapped around the glass inside the chamber to maximize the surface area packed into a smaller space. This technology ensures that heat arises evenly and faster, allowing you to capture all terpenes and active ingredients in one hit. If the element is slow to heat up, you will get good flavor to start but with no active ingredients. Then on the later hits, it is all active ingredients and no terpenes. So the advantage of a quick heat-up is that you can get both in one draw. Gammatron manages it much better than most of other wax pens.

Using at Lower Voltages – Cold loading and Hot Loading

When using at lower voltages, it is better to lightly puff on the device until vapor is produced. You can either hot load or cold load the Gammatron. Generally cold loading is preferred due to convenience and ease of use. Hot loading is more applicable to e-rigs that are designed with big hits in mind while wax pens are typically produced with convenience and portability in mind.

Small Compartment for Wax Storage

Tronian Gammatron has a little compartment in the bottom. It is designed to store your favorite wax for later use. This compartment has the capacity to store wax for several sessions. It is an airtight container that allows you to carry wax along with the pen. It eliminates the hassle of carrying material container when you are going on a trip for few days.

Battery and Charging – Auto Shut Off Feature

The Gammatron comes with an internal battery of 800 mAh and features a USBC port for charging. A fully charged battery has the ability to give you around 50 sessions or may last up to several days without needing a recharge. It is worth mentioning that the battery life is dependent on temperature settings and your style of vaping. It is highly recommended to fully charge the battery of your device before first use. The Gammatron displays its battery life at the startup to let you know about the power left. It has a 10-minute auto shutoff feature which helps in battery life preservation.

A Great Option for First-Time Wax Users

The features included in Gammatron makes it one of the best choice for all types of users. The vapor quality is better than some of the more expensive devices of the same class. The Gammatron is a great option for first time wax users because it is simple and performs as you need it to. The Kanthal heating element provides an opportunity of amazing experience, whether you choose the lowest setting for rich flavor or the highest setting for thick vapor. The Gammatron is suited towards flavor chasing users.

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