Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod Review

Kodo Pro is an excellent upgrade over the original Kodo and one of the smallest pieces of vaping technology introduced by Yocan. Kodo Pro is a 510 vape cartridge battery. This device takes a step further with voltage control, puff counter and other settings. The new battery packs a ton of features inside a very compact body. This is a huge upgrade from the original Kodo that they released a couple of years ago. The Kodo Pro takes that original design and amplifies it to the next level. You probably won’t have seen such a small, extremely pocketable vape battery that has a full-fledged OLED display for various settings.

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Overview and Basics of the Device

Yocan Kodo Pro has got a simple design that takes 510 thread cartridges on top. So basically it is going to take all those universal cartridges that you are familiar with. Voltage ranges from 1.8 V to 4.2V. You do have the temperature settings and also have the preheat function which starts with two clicks and then you can just have the choice to hold it down manually. It utilizes a micro USB Type-C cable for charging which is really nice. You probably have one of those cords laying around. Kodo Pro won’t function without a cart. It takes a cartridge on top and it won’t function properly without having cartridge attached. Because when it does not have a cart connected, it won’t let you cycle and do everything you need to do.

Extremely Portable Device

Yocan Kodo Pro is extremely portable device. For portability sake it has a little lanyard so that you can thread a small lanyard to keep this thing on you at all times. You can also keep it on your keychain so it doesn’t get lost because this device is pretty tiny.

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Turning the Device On/Off

After installing the cartridge, press the fire button 5 times to turn the device on and you can turn it off by pressing the power button 5 times again. It is a 5 click on and off device.

Voltage Adjustment

It has two (plus and minus) voltage adjustment buttons. You can go up and down in voltage to the decimal point, that way you can fine tune your hit perfectly keeping in view the thickness of your e-liquid.

Puff Counter – Hit Timer

This tiny device is geared with a couple of extra features that is really cool. It has a puff counter i-e this small box mod actually counts how many puffs you have taken off of your pen. It’s got 4 decimal places so if you want to take up to 999 puffs then it will reset back to zero. Another way to clear the number of puffs is that you can just hit the power and the minus button at the same time and it will clear the puff count back to zero.

You get a second timer on the screen of Yocan Kodo Pro that shows you how many seconds you ripped that last hit. It’s another super cool feature of this miniature device.

15 Seconds Cut Off

It has a 15 seconds cut off time, so you are not going to be able to rip any more than that. But it knows exactly how long you have been pulling on that pen. That way it guides you to look at your voltage adjustment and also signals whether you need to change the cartridge or not, thus enabling you to tune it a little bit more accurately.

10 Secs Preheat Setting

An interesting feature this device really packs is that it has a double click pre-heat setting. You can just tap the button twice and it will start running for about 10 secs to get it up to temperature. It won’t be all the way up to temperature but you will definitely notice vapor production. When you are ready for the full pen hit, just hold that button and enjoy. So you are not going from cold to hot, you are going from a warm borderline hot to where you need it to be to get that good vapor production.

Vapor and Flavor Quality at Different Voltages

You will witness an incredible vaping experience with Yocan Kodo Pro. At 3 Volts it works pretty ideal, great vapor production, great hit, not crushing the throat. Taking it down a little lower to 2 Volts, the vapor will become thinner and you will taste a much better and refine flavor. It does not mean that the taste at 3 Volts is not good but it implies that you will definitely feel slightly better and noticeable taste at lower temperatures/voltage settings. Cranking it all the way up to 4 Volts, you will see denser and thicker clouds.

Battery and Charging

Yocan Kodo Pro comes with an internal battery of 400 mAh. It takes approximately 30 minutes to fully charge the device. One full charge can last up to 2 to 3 days of moderate use. It must be kept in mind that battery charge is dependent on your vaping style and temperature settings.

Color Options of Yocan Kodo Pro

Kodo Pro comes in six beautiful colors including White, Black, Yellow, Red, Purple and Light Blue.

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Great Redesign and Amplification

It is a really great redesign and amplification to the original Kodo. Yocan absolutely nailed it on this vape battery. It is probably one of the best portable batteries out there. Kodo Pro took all the necessary focus and put it where it needs to be. Overall it’s a fantastic little device.