Smok RPM 5 Open Pod Kit Review

Smok RPM 5 is the fifth version of RPM series devices by Smok. The new coils of RPM 5 are impressive and they produce great flavor with lots of vapor. Basically it is an all in one device but it is going to suit those people who want to vape direct lung with some clouds and super flavor. This device is solid and the materials used are of a great quality. It feels very nice in hand. RPM 5 is a portable device that you can carry easily in any pocket.

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What’s Inside the Box?

RPM 5 comes in a nice packaging having picture of the device and some of the major features on it. Inside the box you will get a user manual, warranty card, Type-C charging cable, bath salts, a spare coil and the device itself.

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Overview and General Features

It has got the branding of SMOK on front, just above the power button. Smok RPM 5 has a beautiful artificial leather like cushion around the body. It feels very nice and stylish. The device says RPM5 on the back. It has a small screen below the power button. It also has up and down buttons that are fused together as a single button. You would find Type-C charge port at the bottom below the adjustment buttons.

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Coils and Pod Specifications

The RPM 5 comes with the new coils they call RPM3. Both are meshed coils. The spare coil is 0.23 Ohm, 20-45 Watts. The one pre-installed is 0.15 Ohm and is rated 40 to 80 Watts. The pod of RPM 5 attaches magnetically to the mod and holds 6.5ml of e-liquid. It is a top fill pod. On the bottom of the pod you can see two magnets and a small lever like lock on one side that holds and lock the coil in its place. It can be called as a child safety feature. Placing the coil is easy, simply correspond the flat sides at the base of coil with the flat edges in the pod and push it down in its place. After that turn the red lock to its place so that coil is properly locked inside the pod.

Filling the Pod

Filling the pod might seem complicated but it is really easy. This pod does not have bottom filling, instead it is filled from top. The mouthpiece slides to a side just like G-PRIV pods. The mouthpiece has a small arrow at the base, just push it in that direction and you will see the filling port underneath. It does have a membrane covering the filling hole. Just stick the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle in it and fill. It can hold up to 6.5ml of e-liquid. When the filling is done, just put the pod in its place and you will hear a click at proper attachment, as already mentioned it has magnetic connection.

Airflow Control

RPM 5 has an airflow controller on back of the device. It slides really nice and works perfectly. You can control and adjust your airflow through this sliding knob. Whether you prefer direct lung or mouth to lung, you can adjust the airflow accordingly. Most of the users prefer half way open but it’s a matter of choice.

Turning the Device On – Screen Display Info

To turn the device on press the power button 5 times rapidly. As the device turns on, the screen will show RPM 5 and the version of the firmware. The screen displays battery percentage on one side. The screen will show you all the necessary information you need to know about the device. It shows;

  • Wattage
  • Volts
  • Ohms (resistance)
  • Puff Count
  • Number of seconds you press the fire button

Clearing Puff Count and Changing Display Colors

If you press the fire button and down button together, you will get the option of clearing your puff count.  You can clear the number of your puffs from there. If you press the up button and fire button at the same time, it will change the color on display. There are 5 colors, light blue, green, red, purple and white to choose from.

Locking and Unlocking Smok RPM 5 – Wattage Adjustment

You can lock the device partially by pressing both up and down buttons at the same time. You can still fire the device but the up and down buttons will not function. Unlocking these buttons can be done by pressing again the up and down buttons together. By pressing the power button three times rapidly will lock the whole device, you can unlock it by pressing the fire button 3 times again. You can adjust the wattage by one-watt increment starting from 5W to 80W. If you keep the up button pressed it will go all the way up to 80 watts and it does round robin.

Smok RPM 5 vs RPM 4

If you place the RPM 4 and RPM 5 side by side, you will see that there is a big difference between both the devices. They have changed the mouthpiece and overall build of RPM 5 in comparison to RPM 4. The coil pre-installed in RPM 4 is LP2 mesh while the coils of RPM 5 are the new RPM 3 coils. Pod capacity of RPM 5 is 6.5 ml while Smok RPM 4 pod holds 2 ml of e-liquid. That’s a big difference which is obvious from the shape and size of the new device. RPM 5 is much bigger and bulkier than RPM 4. This new device comes with an internal powerful battery of 2000 mAh while RPM 4 comes with a built-in battery of 1650 mAh. Airflow controls of both devices seem much similar but the airflow of RPM 5 is slightly bigger. Both of the devices are very portable and can easily fit in your pocket but RPM 4 is slightly lighter and comparatively more pocketable than RPM 5, as the latter is a little bigger and heavier.

Pros and Cons

Honestly it is very hard to find cons with Smok RPM 5. It looks like they have put some serious thoughts in designing this device and there seems nothing to complain about. Just for the sake of arguments one can only say that they could have included a more powerful battery as the device seems to have extra space for holding a bigger battery. It doesn’t mean that this device is underpowered. If you notice the form factor, it’s definitely a pro. It has a nice display with vibrant colors. Type-C charging and 2000 mAh battery with a pod capacity of 6.5 ml is something which gives distinction to this device. Better airflow and top filling is a huge pro of Smok RPM 5. They pretty much covered all those things that are usually going to be cons, into pros.

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Color Options of Smok RPM 5

Smok RPM 5 comes in two types of finishing i-e artificial leather and plain finishing. This device comes in eight different colors to choose from; Black, White, Prism Rainbow, Matte Gunmetal, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Grey Leather and Beige White Leather.

Battery and Charging

Smok RPM 5 comes with 2000 mAh built-in battery. It takes around 75 – 90 minutes to fully charge the device. One full charge can give you around 5 hours of uninterrupted vaping. If you are vaping with 0.23 Ohm coil at 25-30W, you will get around 200 puffs or approximately 5 hours of continuous vaping. But if you are using 0.15 Ohm coil at 55-65W then this device will give you 4.5 hours of vaping or up to 190 puffs.