Voopoo Drag 4 Review

The Drag series has been one of the most popular dual 18650 battery mods since the original first came out in 2017. Drag 4 is the new version and they have made some remarkable changes in it. It’s now more of a C frame style chip, quite a bit different and it comes with a new UFORCE-L tank. It is a simple device but you do have multiple modes. You have some different customizable features, very intuitive and easy to get through. Build quality of Drag 4 is superior with newer chipset and nice design. It is another solid device by Voopoo.

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Inside the Box

Inside the box you will get a UFORCE-L tank, two coil heads, a spare bubble glass for tank, and a small bag having your user manual, charging cable, some extra O-rings and seals.

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UFORCE-L Tank Specifications

UFORCE-L tank with the straight glass has 4ml capacity. But with the bubble glass it has 5.5ml e-liquid capacity. It is about 25.5mm in diameter. On the base of the tank you have a heat sink design which matches up with the design up top. On the top these lines are cut-in separating your airflow, looking like three lines. On the base it has fixed gold plated 510 pin. It is top fill and has top airflow. It has one of those modified 810 drip tips with the O-rings on it and no O-ring down inside the cup there. To get to your coil head, unscrew the base and you will see spring loaded contact posts sticking up. The coil is pushed down inside and you will be able to see the airflow around it that comes down from the top.

Drag 4 PnP Coils

Voopoo Drag 4 does take PnP coils. One coil is 0.2 ohm rated for 40 – 55 watts. They call it a dual coil, because of the extra post inside that separates the two sides making it act more like a dual coil. They say that this adds to the longevity and performance i-e they are supposed to last longer giving you a great vape. The other coil is 0.15 ohm 55 – 70 watts, that has the same type of design but you can see the difference in their inner diameter. The 0.2 ohm is going to have a tighter draw while the 0.15 ohm is going to have slightly looser draw.

Overview and General Features – Ideal for 26mm Atomizer

On the front it has a fire button, a display screen, a little mechanical switch, up/down controls and USBC port. This device does have 3 Amp USBC charging. On the bottom it says Gene TT, which means that this device has their newest Gene TT 2.0 chip. In order to get to your battery compartment, pull the side off. It is a C frame device. The frame is built very nicely and has magnets on it on the inside. The batteries tray is situated under the C frame, marked positive and negative. This device does not come with batteries in the box, you need to get them separately. You can put the battery door/frame either way depending on your choice. On the top it has a spring loaded gold-plated 510 pin. This platform is ideal for up to 26mm atomizer. If you are putting a 28mm atomizer it will overhang. The UFORCE tank is 25.5mm. It is definitely not a mod for those super large atomizers.

Filling the Pod

The pod of Drag 4 is a top fill, you can get to the filling ports by giving a quarter turn at the base of the mouthpiece and the top pops off easily. You have two filling ports; you can choose any of the two holes. It seems that one hole is for air to escape and the other one obviously to fill it. Both the holes are covered with a little membrane. It gives you the convenience of providing two holes and both could be used for filling. You do have a rubber gasket all around. This sub-ohm tank does have top air flow and the nicely designed lines for airflow helps to reduce the noise of air. After filling, screw the cap back on – it’s about a quarter turn. You need to be careful because the threads are tight on it. Make sure you tighten the cap quite a bit and when you go to unscrew the base, be careful you don’t accidently unscrew the top cap.

Priming the Coil

It is recommended to prime the coil before initial use. You can do that by adding few drops of e-liquid inside the coil to get it started. After doing so, grab it and pop it in the pod, make sure it seats into place, screw the base back on and the pod is ready for filling. After filling e-liquid, let it sit for at least 5 minutes to make sure that cotton is fully saturated. With the straight glass it holds up to 4ml of e-liquid and with the bubble glass its capacity reaches to 5.5ml.

Build Quality – Wood and Resin Panels

The metal part of the mod is zinc alloy and that of the tank is stainless steel. Real wood is also used in its C frame. It has wooden panels on both the sides and they say each mod will be slightly different because of that. They also have a version that uses resin and those resin designs will be slightly different from each other as well. They use Walnut and Rosewood in Voopoo Drag 4. It has the branding of DRAG 4 on the wooden panel. The wood veneer is really well done. On the end you have slightly cushioned leatherette which says VOOPOO.

Turning the Drag 4 On – Smart Mode

You can turn the device on by pressing the fire button 5 times rapidly. It will start in smart mode, that’s a mode that basically guesses what wattage you might want to use depending on the ohm load of that coil. The screen will show your wattage, your battery, voltage, puff counter, ohm load and the number of seconds puffed.

Various Modes of Drag 4

If you click the up and down buttons together, that will take you into the menu where you can select settings by pressing fire button. When you go into mode settings, you will have smart mode, RBA mode (basically a regular wattage mode), ECO and TC mode. Eco mode is to help save battery life. In TC mode you have NI 200, TI (Titanium), Stainless Steel-SS 316 and SS 430. It goes in one watt increments all the way up to 177 watts and it does go down to 5 watts. It does not round robin. If you want to turn the device completely off, click the fire button 5 times. The button has a slightly concave surface and has a nice stiff click to it which feels really good.

Menu Options – Switch Settings

In the menu you have the options of mode, Switch, Puff Reset, About and Color. If you go to Switch settings, you can customize the switch of the device which is pretty cool. You have the options of lock/unlock, power, wattage lock and then back. For instance, if you want to lock the wattage, you can do it from here. Once you have locked the wattage and you get to the main screen and click the switch you will still be able to vape but the controls will be locked. You can change that, if you want it to lock everything you can do that, if you want it to power it off you can do that. It is an interesting feature that they give you few options for that mechanical switch. Drag 4 comes with the option to change colors on the screen. You can choose from 5 different colors, classic, green, pink, purple and yellow.

Size Comparison with Argus GT2 and Drag 3

It resembles closely in size to Argus GT2. Drag 4 is a little bit bigger than the Drag 3, most probably because it’s a C frame. It is a little bit wider than the Drag 3. It has a medium size in comparison to other dual 18650 battery mods. It Feels great in the hand and has really nice build quality.

Pros and Cons

This tank may not seem perfect but the vape quality is remarkable. The airflow is probably one of the smoothest top airflow and you will get a very satisfying experience. The top cap comes off easily and some may find it a con. If you are not careful and you go to adjust your airflow you could accidently untwist the top cap. When you are trying to unscrew the base and you are holding on to the top you can accidently take off the top cap. It’s kind of tall device but that’s ok with some users. It looks a little bit wider once you put the bubble glass on. The platform is not very wide, so if you are somebody that uses 28mm or 30mm atomizer a lot, you may find it uncomfortable. As far as the coil heads are concerned and the vape you get off of it, it is really nice. The coils of Drag 4 are one of the best PnP coils out there. The C frame design makes it very easy to get to your battery compartment and the magnets are very strong for firm attachment. A lot of people don’t like a bottom battery door because sometimes they tend to wear out over time depending on build quality. If you are not into wood, they do have a resin version as well. Overall the device feels like a solid brick in the hand. The performance of the mod is great, if you are a Drag fan there is no doubt you are going to like this one.

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Batteries and Charging

This is an external dual battery mod and you have to get batteries for it as they are not included in the box. Fully charged batteries can provide up to 650 non-stop puffs or could give you 24 hours of moderate vaping. Eco mode can prolong charge by 10%. Though you can charge batteries in the device but it is better to use external charger.

Color Options of Voopoo Drag 4

Voopoo Drag 4 have six different colors in two versions. In resin version you have Gun Metal+Tropical Orange, Gun Metal+Ocean Blue and Gun Metal+Forest Green. While in wooden version it comes in Black+Walnut, Pale Gold+Walnut and Gun Metal+Rosewood.