IQOS 2.4

IQOS is actually a name which is being used for the electronic cigarette which comes with the steam vaporization through which you can inhale the steam from heated tobacco. This electronic cigarette is rapidly gaining popularity that it is replacing the conventional cigarettes. This is a product which has been developed by the Philips Morris which is the producer of this concept too. The abbreviation of IQOS is “I Quit Ordinary Smoking”. Well, at the present time IQOS is widely available and currently, it is a best-selling HnB system all around the world.

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The Amazing Features of IQOS is Making It a Perfect Product

Well, the technology is never going to stand still, innovations are always on its way. Therefore, IQOS also has developed an amazing version of which is named as IQOS 22.4 and most amazingly it has arrived in two categories which are known as IQOS 2.4 and IQOS 2.4 plus. This is being known as a perfect product around the market but there are a lot of people who want to know about why IQOS 2.4 is known as the best in the market.


Do you want to know about the things which are making IQOS a perfect product all around the world? Well, the following features are surely going to be beneficial for you to know in this regard.


Faster Charging

IQOS has arrived at a faster charging rate. This can be the best feature for the people who do not have enough time to wait to let the device charge. The holder is now being charged at a much faster rate which is actually great changing to bring.


Bluetooth Connectivity

The application is available to connect with it through Bluetooth. A button is now available for the Bluetooth connectivity of the device which can be pressed if you want to connect your mobile and IQOS with ease.


Holder Vibration

When you are going to press the heating button, it will vibrate and a bright light will pulse this is an indication for the beginning of the process. This will allow you to enjoy your tobacco stick for the duration of 6 minutes or you can take 14 puffs. Vibration or blinking will occur when there 2 puffs or time of 30 seconds left. And after the specific time, the holder of your stick will be switched off automatically.

Auto Cleaning

Auto cleaning is an amazing feature which has provided ease in the process of cleaning the stick. In auto cleaning mode you will experience that charging is taking more time than usual and this is because the process of charging cleaning and charging is happening. And during the process, you will see a white light blinking on the holder.

Application Available

The application is only available for the Android mobiles only. The people who are using iOS devices are unable to connect with the application. And more importantly, the application is compatible with Android 4.3 or above. And one other thing which you must need to understand is that the set date for this is not available. Well, the application has various benefits.


It can be helpful in managing the conversion progress of you. You can get better support from the available application and can find a better way to get the useful tips in the best possible way which will surely help you to understand various things about IQOS in an effective way. And the best benefit due to which for sure everyone would love to install the application on their mobile phones is that the application is able to provide the consumers with direct access to the e-commerce stores of IQOS.

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