IQOS 3 Multi

iqos 3 multi vancouver canadaThe company has recently released the two new models of e-cigs IQOS 3 and multi. Most people think that both devices have all the same features with a few differences. However, you should know that they are entirely different from each other. IQOS 3 is just an advanced version of the previous model available in the market. Whereas, IQOS 3 multi is revolutionary because it is developed with some exciting features that will make smoking fun for you.


IQOS 3 multi is an all in one electronic cigarette which does not require a charger. Most of the frequent users complain about the charging of the product, but with multi, all these problems have been resolved. From handling the e-cig to pulling out of the holder, everything in the latest version is perfect. When you open the box of IQOS 3 multi, you will only find the device and source with it.


There is nothing you have to pull or open. There is a small latch with the logo on top that you will have to open to insert the heets in the device that is pushed out automatically. It means you will not have to struggle with the product. A spring is attached that helps to open and close the source.


IQOS 3 multi is a very light device and small which makes it easy to carry. On the first look, you might think that it is manufactured with an aluminum exterior, but in reality, it is plastic. The size of the device is perfect which makes it easier to carry it in pocket or handbag. IQOS 3 multi is long with movable parts which means you will not have to worry about bending or breaking the device. On the other hand, it has an oblique button with a single light.


The top exchanger part is secured with a magnet. It allows free movement which makes it easier to smoke anytime you want without creating any kind of a mess. IQOS 3 multi is available in different colors like.


  1. Hot white
  2. Velvety gray
  3. Brilliant gold
  4. Metallic starry blue


Except for glossy gold all other colors are available in matte which makes it more elegant and classy.


How IQOS 3 Multi Works

It is very easy to use IQOS 3 multi. Here we have a step by step guide to help you with the process.


  1. Unlock the latch of device
  2. Insert your Heets
  3. Hold the button and wait for it to vibrate
  4. After 15 seconds your vibrations will indicate a heated charger
  5. It vibrated for two overlays after one and a half minute.
  6. Flaps will close once you slide the cover.


You can have 10 shots in a row before you have to connect it with the source which can be your phone or any other device using a USB-C. It will recharge in 75 minutes, and you can enjoy it once again. The best thing about the product is that you can ever charge it in your car.


The single button of multi can control everything in the product. You can start and turn off the device, restart it and even activate Bluetooth. Lights and charger socket are at the bottom of the product.


The heat control is unchanged in the product which means that you have to clean it properly to enjoy the perfect flavor every time.


IQOS 3 multi is perfect for home and office use. You can easily carry it anywhere you want without the worry of any spillage. IQOS 3 multi is worth your money, and you will surely enjoy using the product.

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