The latest 3rd generation of IQOS is available all around the world. A lot of people have tested this beautiful version of IQOS. People are considering this as a perfect product for the future. Well, to let you help to understand what changing has occurred in the latest version of IQOS we have brought a list of some amazing features to let you know more about this. So, if you are the one who wants to know more about IQOS 3, then stay with us for better information.iqos 3 review, iqos 3 canada, buy iqos 3

Amazing Features Which Are Making IQOS 3 The Best Product of Future

Do you want to know about the most amazing features which are making IQOS 3 a favorite product for the future? Well, here are the things which are better for you to know in this regard.


Better Experience For a Long Time

IQOS is on its way of innovations and recently IQOS 3 has entered the marketing with all of its amazing features. Well, there have arrived a lot of improvements in this version which have been implemented after a longer testing period. Well, actually nothing has changed but the things have become much better than the previous versions and you can have an even better experience with this for a longer period of time with ease.


No More Bluetooth Connectivity Available

Well, somehow it seems like there is no Bluetooth connectivity anymore and for sure this is never going to be sad news because Bluetooth connectivity was of no use as the official application of the IQOS is not available yet to download.


Several Colors Are Available

Well, the most interesting thing we, the present generation is always fond of having better range of variety. So, the arrival of IQOS 3 in an amazing range of color is making the people more exciting about it. There are beautiful colors just like blue, velvet grey, brilliant gold, etc. These colors can be the best to match the style of anyone with ease.


Reduced charging time

Well, the most amazing variation which has occurred in IQOS 3 is its charging duration which has become shorten which means you can charge the stick for a shorter period of time and can enjoy more with ease. Well, the holder charging time has been decreased by 30 seconds surprisingly and this has made you able to wait for less to enjoy your bar.


Fixable Into The Palm

Well, an interesting change has also occurred in the dimensions of the IQOS. These have been shrunk and now the sticks are coming in the size which can fit in the palm of the hand with ease.


Heater Charging Has Removed

The option of heater charging has been removed which means you do not have to charge the heater of your IQOS 3 and you can enjoy your treat by charging your holder only.


Shorten Re-Usability Time

Well, this can be the best feature for the ones who were tired of the long wait to smoke again because IQOS has arrived with a shorter period of wait and can be reused after 3 minutes and 30 seconds with ease.


Vibration Alarm

The vibration alarm has been triggered in the holder of the stick. The vibration will be activated when you will turn your stick on and is being followed by 2 smaller Heets to operating temperature. And the next vibration will announce that you just have the time of 230 seconds more to use the stick.


IQOS is available almost at the same affordable price range and has become favorite of people due to the amazing changes in IQOS 3 charger.

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