iqos heets vancouver canadaIQOS is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. In many countries, it is being used as an alternative for smoking. There are many individuals who are interested in by IQOS Heets, but they do not know how it works. Here we have complete information regarding how the product works as well as different types of Heets available in the market.


Types of Heets

Before understanding the working procedure of Heets, it is important for you to know about the different types of Heets available in the market. Here we have a few types you need to know about.

Bronze label

It comes in brown packaging, and most people consider its chocolate flavor. It is heavy tobacco similar to cigar so do not buy it if you are not used to a higher concentration of tobacco. It is perfect for those who are addicted to cigars.

Blue label

It comes with a very strong mint flavor; however, there is no menthol added in the flavor. it is available in dark blue packaging.

Red label

If you are looking for the Heets with intense tobacco flavor, it is the pure version of tobacco you can get. It comes within red packaging.

Green label

It is sold as menthol flavor in Korea and the UK. The packaging of cover is dark green to make it easier for you to identify.

Purple label

It has a strong blueberry flavor with menthol and wild herb. Packaging of Heets is purple.

Silver label

It has a very fine taste and perfect for those who are not chain smokers but like to enjoy it in a group of friends. The packaging is silver in color.

These are some of the common flavors of Heets available in the European and various other countries. However, in some countries, the colors and flavors of labels are a little different. That is why you have to careful while ordering the product online.

Why Heets is a better option?

You might have been wondering why IQOS Heets is a better option as compared to cigarettes. There are various reasons that make Heets a safe option. The filling in Heets is burned at 350 ° C as compared to a normal cigarette that you have to burn at 600-850 ° C to get the exact flavor. In Heets during the heating process tobacco is released with a hint of glycerin due to which smokers will not release smoke. It will be odorless steam which will quickly dissolve in the air without creating any mess.

You already know that Heets does not burn and this is the reason various harmful chemicals that people commonly inhale with cigarettes are not available in Heets which makes it a better option.

How Heets works?

You have to charge the device for 4 minutes and after that heat tobacco in the holder. You have to return tobacco to the base after each cigarette. It is similar to an e-cig, but the only difference is that there is no liquid used in it. IQOS Heets work with real tobacco.

The heated blades are manufactured with ceramic and gold in which you have to hold the Heets for a few seconds. After 15 seconds your Heets are heating, and you can enjoy 14 puffs for 6 seconds. Recharge the device, and you can use it for as long as you like.

IQOS is handy and easy to use the product. Heets will reduce the damage that you have to suffer from due to smoking. That is why you should switch to a healthier alternative.

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