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Dr. GreenThumb x Cloud Pen


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Product Description

The wait is over! The Dr. GreenThumb Glassworks X Cloud™ Pen is now here! This pen features a matte white finish and Dr. GreenThumb’s fingerprint over the button. Each pen comes with a MICRO-USB charger and Cloud™ C-Tensil dab tool. Don’t miss your chance to get this pen as this is a LIMITED RELEASE! All Cloud Pen™ Pens Include Everything You Need For The Ultimate Portable Vaping Experience:

  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Mouthpiece
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Medi Grade Atomizer
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Funnel Atomizer
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wall Adapter
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wired Micro USB Charger
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ User Manual
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Cloud Tensil
  • 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Travel Case
  • The Cloud Pen™ Medi Grade Atomizer included in the kit may be used with all/any essential oils.

Cloud Pen™ Features:

  • Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)
  • Inverted color of Cloud Pen™ Button (for more discreet use)
  • Green LED Back-lit button
  • NEW Heavy Duty Atomizer
  • NEW Micro USB Charger


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