What is IQOS?

IQOS is a revolutionary new product that’s geared towards cigarette smokers with a plethora of benefits. Its “heat-not-burn” technology allows you to vaporize real tobacco while retaining the flavor profile of traditional cigarettes. Join us as we dive into the world of IQOS, and how it’s the new alternative to smoking.

IQOS review, what is iqos, canadaUpgrading Tobacco

For countless years, users have lit up their cigarettes or pipe tobacco with fire. This method is known as combustion, which results in incredibly high temperatures. In the case of cigarettes, 600℃ is the internal temperature during each drag. Researchers have found that burning tobacco exposes users to a myriad of harmful carcinogens, toxins, and lung-damaging smoke.

Besides the blatant harmful effects of smoking, cigarettes are well known for their ability to leave your clothes and home smelling like an ashtray.

After years of research, IQOS was created through proprietary technology that’s poised to change the world of tobacco forever. IQOS innovative technology allows users to vaporize real tobacco at 350℃, which lowers your overall exposure to harmful chemicals by 95%.

No longer will your lungs suffer from each drag. Your clothes will smell like a floral detergent rather than a cloud of smoke. You’ll no longer offend anyone sitting next to you with second-hand smoke. IQOS is opening the door to an entirely new experience for cigarette smokers.

The Difference Between IQOS and E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have gained immense popularity since their introduction. Vape enthusiasts hailed the new era of non-combustible nicotine alternatives, but have since realized that e-cigarettes pose a significant problem.

E-juice is usually composed of a wide variety of additives, which have been found to cause lung damage to a very limited extent. E-juice is also a messy affair when refilling cartridges, making them un-friendly for those on the go.

IQOS presents an entirely different perspective on vaping. Instead of nicotine-based liquids, real tobacco is used. This means no additives or chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. IQOS is tobacco for those who no longer wish to punish their lungs, health, and environment.

The Components of The IQOS

IQOS is built in a way that enables you to have an enjoyable experience while decreasing the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. It’s comprised of three main parts, all bundled in an ultra-modern design that’s both professional and attention-grabbing.

IQOS offers you a wide range of colors so that you can personalize your experience even further.

The IQOS Holder

The IQOS holder is the mechanism that you’ll insert the HeatStick into. The holder has an integrated and precise heating element that guarantees a temperature of 350℃. The holder is roughly the size of an adult finger, making it ultra-portable.

The IQOS holder is the command center of the entire device. Its seamless 1-button design allows you to vape on-demand without having to fuss with confusing settings found on other vaping devices. The IQOS takes a few minutes to reach its maximum temperature, but you’ll rest assured that you’re vaping and not combusting the tobacco.


Also known as HEETs, HeatSticks are a proprietary tobacco unit that’s designed to be inserted into the IQOS holder. The difference between HeatSticks and e-juice for e-cigarettes is that HeatSticks contain real tobacco.

The process involves manufacturers to source high-quality tobacco that’s then finely ground that’s placed into HEETs. Once ready, you’re able to quickly insert a HEET into the IQOS holder and begin vaping with the press of a button. The flavor isn’t diminished but actually enhanced since there’s no longer the scent of burned tobacco and ash. Each HeatStick is capable of producing roughly 14 puffs.

Once you’re ready to replace a HeatStick, simply remove it from the IQOS holder and toss it into the trash. Take a new HEET and insert it into the holder – it’s that simple.

The Charger

The charging deck is an ultra-sleek platform that allows you to safely stow away your IQOS to protect it from the elements, while simultaneously charging it. Charging the IQOS takes a little bit over an hour, and you’re able to vape upwards of 20 HEETs until you need to recharge.

The Benefits of Switching to IQOS

  • No smoke-smell
  • Eliminates staining on teeth and fingers
  • Decreases your exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Real tobacco without combustion
  • No messy e-juice
  • Removes second-hand smoke
  • Reduce dependency on nicotine

Do You Want to Earn $25?

If you’re interested in learning more about IQOS and its groundbreaking technology, you’re invited to speak to an IQOS representative over the phone. Even if you don’t end up purchasing an IQOS, you’ll be given $25 for your time.

Simply contact fill in the form below and present your name, e-mail, and phone number. You’ll then be contacted by an IQOS service professional to discuss this new and exciting alternative to smoking. After a brief moment of your time, you’ll receive $25.

It’s never been easier to make the switch, and IQOS is your guiding light to a smoke-free experience.

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