12 Awesome Reasons to Gift Yourself a Davinci IQ Vaporizer

It’s not that glass pipes don’t have a place in this Internet-of-things world, it’s just that vaporizers like the Davinci IQ exist, and once you’ve vaped it’s hard to renegotiate your taste for it. The market for vape devices is blowing up around the world and the more technologically advanced units are even being picked up for review by outlets such as Forbes and GQ.

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  1. Small, comfortable design. In fact, probably the first thing you’ll want to do with the Davinci IQ vape (besides use it) is check out how nice it looks sitting next to your desk gadgets.
  2. Ceramic oven & vapor path (Zirconia) and 360° conduction heating for precision heating (like your sister or girlfriend’s hair straightening iron). Precision heating is a function that is becoming wildly popular among modern vaporizers.
  3. Removable 18650 lithium ion battery, making it rechargeable (through USB in this case) but also meaning that it can go dark over time—just like your laptop battery.
  4. It vibrates to give feedback, plus includes a display grid of 51 LED lights on the front that show the temperature, boost, precision and standby mode statuses and of course function alongside a companion app.
  5. Micro-USB charging port
  6. Integrated APP with Smart Paths. With the app, you can track usage, adjust the temperature and turn the unit on and off—good party tricks but why not just use the buttons that are right there in front of you?
  7. On-demand Boost Mode. The IQ heats up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit in 16 seconds with a maximum output of 431 degrees if you want to burn the crap out of your herb and draw thick clouds of hell. Medium is perfect, trust us.
  8. Very easy to load even if you’re on the move.
  9. Great vapor production that produces major clouds, very quickly.
  10. Great flavor, especially for conduction. Did we just find the most valueable conduction-driven vaporizer? We think so!
  11. Good battery life (~70 mins of usage @ 375°F from full charge) compared to other units of this style and with a lithium ion battery.
  12. 10-year warranty is a huge plus, especially when you consider that if your unit breaks down you will likely have one of the future iterations of the Davinci IQ to look forward to.

To get the strongest, smoothest vapor with the best flavor from your Davinci IQ, remember to pack your vaporizer unit with herb that is ground very fine—finer than you probably think. A conventional 4-piece grinder will get you good results, but there are a subset called fine grinders that work best for preparing herb for a vaporizer. Then, pack the herb chamber tight or it won’t be heated as thoroughly and evenly as you would want for the ideal vaping experience. One thing we don’t recommend is packing the chamber of the Davinci IQ tight with coarse material, a practice that tends to restrict airflow.

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