DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review: The Ultimate Precision Vaporizer

Davinci’s original IQ Vaporizer hit the market in late 2016 and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its unique features and compact design. Now, Davinci is back with yet another vaporizer that is looking to take the original IQ Vaporizer’s place as the ultimate precision vaporizer on the market. Today, Haze Smoke Shop will be taking some time to look at all of the features packed into Davinci’s new IQ2 Vaporizer to see if it’s a sizable upgrade from its predecessor.

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If you are looking for a portable, dual-use vaporizer that packs a punch in a small design, the IQ2 Vaporizer might just be what you’re looking for. Davinci markets this new product as a new vaporizer that “provides a cooler vapor and the ultimate flavor and control” but in order to warrant its CAD$389.99 price point, the IQ2 Vaporizer has a lot to prove. Let’s take a closer look at what Davinci’s latest product has to offer you.

What Comes in the Box of IQ2


Compared to the original IQ Vaporizer, the IQ2 Vaporizer retails at CAD$389.99, a jump from the original’s now reduced CAD$329 price point. For this jump in price, you should expect for all-new features that make for an all-around better vaping experience. But before we get to all of the new features you can expect from Davinci’s latest offering, let’s take a look at what comes in the box.

1. IQ2 Dual-use Vaporizer

2. 10 mm Bubbler Adapter

3. 0.2g Dosage Pod

4. 9 Pieces of Organic Cotton

5. 1 Ceramic Extract Tab

6. USB Charging Cable

7. Pick Tool

8. 9 Alcohol Wipes

The IQ2 Vaporizer comes with all of the tools and accessories you’ll need to get started right out of the box. Considering this is a dual-use vaporizer, Davinci includes a dosage pod that fits up to 0.2 grams of dry herb instead of the 0.5 grams that fit into the oven. This means it can be used as an oven reducer for microdosing.

In terms of wax extract, this vaporizer also comes included with a ceramic extract tab that can be used as an insertion into the dosage pod and used with any form of solid extracts such as wax or dab.

Sleek, Compact, and Upgraded Design

There are many changes to be noted in the IQ2 Vaporizer even just in terms of design. The original IQ Vaporizer featured an exterior crafted from sandblasted aluminum and Davinci has decided to make a welcome change in the IQ2 Vaporizer’s body. The IQ2 Vaporizer features a sleek, brushed aluminum body that feels nice in the hand and that is pleasing to the eye. Although smooth, this material makes for an overall sturdy design that still feels balanced in the hand.

There are a number of added bonuses in the IQ2 Vaporizer’s design that you should be aware of. Most notably, the IQ2 comes with a Zirconia Pearl on the bottom lid of the device. This Zirconia Pearl slides directly into the device’s oven, reflecting heat back into it where it creates an even “roast” of the herbs inside. While the Zirconia Pearl can be adjusted to reduce the oven size, it is highly recommended to leave it in the default position. This is because, when screwing it out too much, the Zirconia Pearl sticks out and makes it much harder to close the latch down smoothly.

Another welcome change found in the IQ2 Vaporizer’s design is a new airflow control dial that is positioned on the device’s bottom lid. With four customizable levels of airflow, this control can be turned to reveal the device’s one to four holes. This is an easy way to either increase or decrease the amount of air allowed through. This is a great feature as it allows you to personalize your device to the type of vapor that you prefer.

Jam-Packed With New Features For a Sizable Upgrade

Of the new features found in the IQ2 Vaporizer, one of the most significantly impactful is the inclusion of a new dosing control system. While this new system can take a little bit of time to learn, it is well worth educating yourself on how to use it if you care about controlling doses. The new dosing control system can be navigated right from the device using the same intelligent LED display that we are used to from the original IQ Vaporizer.

Another welcome change found in the IQ2 Vaporizer is the mouthpiece which has slightly larger holes than the previous model. This is important to the quality of vaping experience you’ll find in the IQ2 as it makes it much less likely to clog and gives a much more noticeable open airflow as compared to the original.

In terms of battery life, we see no significant changes in the IQ2 Vaporizer. The new device, like its predecessor, uses the same 18650 removable battery system included with a micro-USB charger. You may get slightly better battery life from the IQ2 thanks to the improved insulation in the bowl but you should expect around the same 1-hour battery life for continuous use.

As dual-use vaporizers go, this isn’t a bad battery life at all. However, we would have expected to see a slight improvement in terms of charging time in Davinci’s latest offering. The IQ2, like the original, takes around 6 hours to charge fully when using the included micro-USB charger. Although this is fairly standard, we would have liked to see a slight reduction in charging time.

Overall Pros and Cons of the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

At a $295 price point, Davinci’s new IQ2 Vaporizer boasts a premium price point but you get what you pay for. Those who don’t care about a wealth of new features found in IQ2 may do best to pick up the original IQ Vaporizer at a reduced price of $225 but if you want the latest and greatest, you certainly get it in the IQ2 Vaporizer. Here is Haze Smoke Shop’s rundown of the overall pros and cons of Davinci’s latest vaporizer:


New Dosing Control System

Zirconia Pearl upgrade

Airflow Control Dial

Improved Mouthpiece


No upgrade on battery life or charging time

Maybe a bit pricey for some