Aspire Favostix Open Pod Kit Review

Favostix is a nice portable pod system from Aspire. It is a simple device with adjustable wattage and is extremely easy to use. This is a typical pod system however it does have a small screen and goes all the way up to 30 Watts. This device is great for loose mouth-to-lung vaping, especially with the 0.6 Ohm coil pod. Portability and ease of use make it one of the best choices for beginners as well as regular vapers.

Inside the Box

Favostix comes in simple packaging that has all the important details about the device. Inside the packaging you get the following;

  • The device with the pod pre-installed
  • Spare pod
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual


This device has the following dimensions;

  • Length – 113.3mm
  • Width – 25mm
  • Thickness – 13.5mm

General Features Overview

This device is primarily made of Aluminum. It has a fire button on the front. On the lower end of the device, you have your little display and the branding of Aspire below it. On the bottom, it has the Type-C charge port. As far as size is concerned, it is a portable device that can be compared to Caliburn G. This device has an integrated battery of 1000 mAh.

Pods and Coils Specifications

This device does not have the option of coil replacement. The coils are already installed in the pods and they cannot be changed. The spare pod has a coil with 0.6 Ohm resistance, rated for 25 – 18 Watts with 3ml e-liquid capacity. The pod pre-installed is 1 Ohm, 12 to 15 Watts. Both the coils are Kanthal coils. These pods have a uniquely designed bottom-filling method and do not have rubber plugs.

Filling the Pod – Airflow Mechanism

In order to fill the pod, it has a little tab on the bottom that you just pull up. There are two openings on the side, the bigger opening is for the nozzle of the e-liquid container and the other opening is for the air to escape. This kind of bottom fill on these pods is so much better than those rubber plugs.  After you have filled the pod, just insert it into the device. On the sides of the device, there are two holes, one on either side. These holes are for your airflow to get in. The pod fits nicely right into its place.

Turning the Device On – Display Info

To turn the device on, press the power button 5 times and the screen will say ‘Aspire’. To power it off, click the power button 5 times and the screen will say ‘Shut Down’. When the device is on, the display will show battery indicator on top, your resistance, how many seconds you press the fire button and your wattage.

How to Change Wattage On Aspire Favostix?

In order to change the wattage, click the power button 3 times and it will start blinking. Once it starts blinking, then you can just press it one at a time to do your wattage or keep it pressed and it goes up to 30 Watts, it does round robin. There is no back-going function on this device.

Vapor and Flavor Quality – Best for MTL Vaping

This slim device is capable of producing great vapor. Flavor pops on it, for a pod device like this you are going to get pretty good flavor. Some vapers may find that there is too much airflow with the 0.6 Ohm coil, most probably it’s because of the inner diameter of the coil. When you are doing MTL, the 1.2 Ohm coil performs beautifully and it does its job. When you try to do MTL on the 0.6 Ohm coil, it feels a little bit on the loose side and there is no way of adjusting the airflow on it. The flavor is great though, it’s just loose.

Pros and Cons

The first con for most is going to be the mouthpiece; it seems a bit big for MTL vaping. It’s a personal preference as there are people who will find it fine. Another con is going to be the coil as it cannot be replaced but again it may not be a con for those who do not like replacing coils. But most of the users consider it as a con because you are throwing away a whole pod where you could reuse it. Everything else works well on it. The MTL vape of it and the flavor is a pro. Another huge pro is the Type-C charging. The little display on the bottom of this device is great. It is tiny but it displays all the necessary information that you need to know about your vape i-e the battery percentage and Watts etc. The wattage adjustment feature in this portable device is definitely a pro worth mentioning.

It is made of Aluminum and it feels nice in hand. Fill method is a pro and it’s something which most of the users like. Even though many vapers prefer a top fill, this is much better than those rubber plug-guarded filling ports that you see on a lot of devices. Aspire needs to be credited for producing such devices. 3ml e-liquid capacity is another pro of this device. All in all, it vapes nice but it would have been a lot better if the mouthpiece was a little bit smaller.

0.6 Ohm vs 1 Ohm Coil Pod

0.6 Ohm coil pod works great at 18 Watts. The 1 Ohm resistance coil works amazing at 14 watts, you can adjust the wattage according to your own preference. The 1 Ohm coil has a nice tight pull. With this coil, you will notice that the device is working great and you will not hear any funny noises from the device. With the 0.6 Ohm pod, you may get that humming sound that is heard in many other pods of the same specs.

Various Colors of Aspire Favostix

This device is available in seven beautiful colors to choose from; Jet Black, Navy Blue, Space Grey, Quick Silver, Hunter Green, Garnet Red and Amethyst Purple.