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The AirVape Xs GO is built to have a very beautiful and unique design. It is unique because, compared to the previous Airvape models, this one is made with a curvy and compact design. The material used in the construction of this device is ABS plastic, which is known for heat-resistant ability. This is perfect for use since the device will not get too hot when you hold it in your hand. The body is made so small to completely fit in your fist. This is the best companion for vapers on the go. This device brings so much ease in usage because of the one button function. You press 5 time and it’s powered on and three clicks to toggle temperature.


The AirVape Xs GO has dimensions of 4’’ length and width of 1’’. The small size makes it discreetly portable. The outer body has one control button and the grips are comfortable to handle. There’s an A5 LED light that shows the level of temperatures to make it easy to operate the settings. It has an oval-shaped chamber in the interior that uses hybrid convection or conduction heating. The AirVape Xs GO features a magnetically attached mouthpiece which is responsible for easy opening and cleaning of the chamber. The special feature this Xs GO has is the removable battery. You can remove the battery when it’s out and replace it without having to tamper with the whole device. With this, you can get another battery to interchange when the other one is out. Since this small gadget is best used on the go, it has a Micro-USB port meaning you can charge it from the wall outlet, computer or with an adapter in the car.


  • Heats up to optimal level with 20 seconds
  • Weighs 2 oz.
  • Has a removable battery of 800mAh
  • Has 5 temperature options of 355, 375, 390, 405 and 420 Fahrenheit
  • Has a dual filter
  • A 3 min automatic shutoff timer


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