KandyPens Galaxy Atomizer


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The Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer is a replacement atomizer for Galaxy pens.

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The Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer is a replacement atomizer for Galaxy pens. The device is definitely worth every penny, as it looks and functions like the original atomizer. Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer works great as a spare for times when the original atomizer is broken or dusty. Designed in different colors to allow vapers express their individuality, this device comes in mercury black or rubber black. Kandypens are focused on making devices that are easy to use, which is why the atomizer is designed with a 510 compatible thread, making it possible to use with most vapour pens.

The device is free from glues or dyes which make it possible for vapers to have enhanced vaping sessions without worrying about low vapour production or an aroma or taste that has been tampered with. The Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer comes with a titanium coil which gives vapers a lot of room for clean and wholesome vaping. Made for style and durability, the Kandypens Galaxy Atomizer is designed with a Quartz crystal chamber. Fitted with the wickless option, the atomizer is sure to give joy to your average vaper, traditional or modern, as it makes vaping a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Features and Specifications:

  • Quartz crystal chamber
  • Titanium coil
  • Wickless
  • 510 compatible thread
  • 5 gram capacity for the deep chamber


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