Quit Smoking Start Vaping

When you decide to enter the realms of advanced vaping there are many factors you need to take into account. So we are going to explain everything you need to know and then you can vape safely. We are going to cover this first because we think this is the most important lesson you should learn before even thinking of buying advanced vaping products.

When you begin using advanced devices, they usually use batteries you need to install into them. You charge them separately though some devices come pre installed with them and you can charge inside your device via USB. But more often then not you will need to purchase batteries separate. The most common battery sizes are 26650, 18650, 18500, 18350. Some batteries on the market just do not stand up to the job of powering the devices safely. When choosing a battery there are a few specifics you need to look out for.

Quit Smoking Start Vaping

The Amp Limit in Vaping

The amp limit is the most important. Most advanced vapers rebuild the coils in there atomizers and you can build these coils at different resistances. The lower the resistance of the coil, the hotter it glows and the more amps it pulls from the battery when firing the device. The higher the resistance the less amps it pulls from the battery. So if you don’t use a battery that can handle the amps being drawn from it. You are at serous risk of the battery failing catastrophically. It will start to vent poisonous gasses and sometimes explode. (YES EXPLODE)

The Mah in Vaping

The Mah (Milli amp hour) is not as important but it does have an effect on how long the battery charge lasts before you need to recharge it. The higher the Mah the longer the battery will keep its charge. But do take into account that batteries with a high Mah, usually have a low amp discharge rate. If you are thinking about getting into advanced vaping and rebuilding you coils we only recommend devices that take 26650 and 18650 batteries as these have the high amp limit feature.

The ones we recommend The MNKE IMR 26650, Sony VTC4 18650, Sony VTC5 18650 and the Purple Efest 35A 18650. Always check the amp limit before purchasing your batteries. It’s important to explain this now, since a lot of vapers may not understand what ohms and resistance are, and it is important to understand when talking about differences between rebuildable atomizers and clearomizers.

Coil Resistance

We measure the resistance of a coil in ohms. The “ohms” of a coil means how much resistance it has from the power coming from the battery. The lower the number, the less resistance it has. So more of the energy from the battery will be used. For example, a clearomizer with a 1.8 ohm heating coil will use more energy from the battery than a 2.4 ohm coil.

For the vaper, this means that he or she will receive more throat hit from the 1.8 ohm coil than from the 2.4ohm coil. This is because the 1.8 ohm coil will allow more current to pass through it, therefor using more power and glowing hotter. The lower the resistance of your coil, the faster it will drain the battery. Lower resistance setups will not last as long, because they are working harder and will drain the battery faster. Most standard clearomizers are approximately 1.5 – 2.4 ohm.

Vaping Devices

There a few categories of vaping devices that you can purchase as an advanced vaper. Advanced power sources called mods and advanced atomizers. We will go through the mods first.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods usually consist of a metal tube that houses a single battery. Most of the time an 26650,18650,18500 or 18350. There is usually a button on the bottom of the device (sometimes on the side) that you push to complete the circuit. This then sends power to the atomizer screwed on top and your vaping away. There is no wires or circuitry in these devices and no battery protection. This is the reason why battery safety is crucial when using these devices. The correct battery allows vapers to use very low resistance coils in their atomizers, intensifying the flavor and enabling them to exhale massive amounts of vapor. Sound fun right but again this can be very dangerous if the wrong battery is used.

Box Mods

Box mods are very much like mechanical mods they have little to no wiring inside, no battery protection. These can also fire low resistance coils and give you that intense flavor and massive vapor production. The main difference is that they are in the shape of a box. Made usually from wood or metal.

Regulated Mods & Box Mods

These are know to be the safest way to vape low resistance coils. This is due to them having actually micro chips and wiring inside that regulate the power that is going to your atomizer. These also have battery protection and the device cuts out before the battery can cause you any problems, such as venting gasses or exploding. But vapors still sometimes choose mechanical mods over these devices because box mods up until a few months ago could only fire coil resistances down to about 0.5 ohms. Recently some companies have being coming out with regulated box mods that can supply power up to 150 or even 200 watts which means you can fire coils down to 0.2 ohms (CRAZY RIGHT)

Advanced Atomizers in Vaping

Now we will talk you through the options you have for advanced atomizers.


RDA’s stands for rebuild-able dripping atomizers. These are most people’s favorite atomizers to use because they give off the best flavor and vapor production, but at the cost of a lot of fiddling around. The concept to this is to drip you e liquid directly onto your wick and coils. This does pose a problem though to some people because most rda’a only take about 10 drops so you have to keep applying the e liquid every 5-10 drags. With these atomizers you rebuild you own coils at your desired resistance and wick them with the material of your choice. Some vapors like to use 100% organic cotton but there are quite a few materials you can use such as:

Silica – Which is the same material used in clearomizer tanks

Rayon – Similar to cotton but with a grainier feel to it. But question are being asked about the safety of its usage.

Japanese Cotton – This has been rated by many people to be the best wicking material on the market but its not cheap and is quite hard to find.


RTA’s stands for rebuildable tank atomizers. Again with these atomizers you build you own coils but above your coil chamber is a tank you fill up and it automatically drips e liquid onto your wick and coils. This means you don’t have to keep dripping every 5-10 drags. This is a much more convenient way to vape but the flavor is not quite as intense as RDA’S. But still very good.

Genesis Style Tanks

Now most people do not use these very often but some people love to use them. These are similar to RTA’s where you have a tank that you fill but this time it’s below the coil chamber. You have your wicking material that sits inside the tank and pokes up into the coil chamber and the coil is wrapped around the wick. The wick then draws the e liquid up from the tank up to the coils where is is vaporised. This is the most advanced way to vape and to get right. If not done correctly can taste horrible. Also different wicking material is use. Such as

Stainless steel mesh – Very thin strands of steel wire woven together to create a mesh

Stainless steel rope – Very thin strands of rope made from stainless steel

Ekowool – Similar properties to to silica

Cotton – 100% organic cotton

So these were a few things we wanted to share with you before you take the next step into advanced vaping. Hope these helps.

We have covered all of your vaping needs, because we care for Vapors Community and serving them with the best we can. Keep visiting Haze Smoke Shop!