E Cigarette Batteries Source

In the world of vaporizers and E Cigarettes, battery life is everything. Why agonize over minis when you can get something more powerful to deliver quality vapor for hours? There are actually several types of e-cig batteries. But there are only three that you need to remember: minis, eGo, and APVs. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages; you need only decide on the best battery that suits your lifestyle. Few most recommended batteries can be bought at the most awesome Vape Shop Vancouver, The Haze Smoke Shop.
Knowing the most appropriate type of vaporizer battery will enable you hours of flavorful bliss. Imagine having to cut off a wonderful moment just because your e-cigarette ran out of power! Avoid this scenario by buying the correct kind of vape batteries.

Basically, there are three main types of e-cig battery: the mini, eGo, and APV. Mini batteries (also called Cig-a-like, stick ecigs, looky-likies, etc.) were the first models to be used for electronic cigarettes. Hence, the name first generation for minis. You can easily recognize them because they look and feel like real cigarettes. These are still sold today at very affordable prices. Ecigs with Cig-a-like batteries are recommended for starters; or those who want to throw away their device right after usage (for some models).
Another type of vape battery is the eGo. Also known as a fat-batt, it’s currently the most popular choice among many vaping fans. Although it’s available in many sizes, the average 3.7 volts satisfies most folks. This type of ecig battery is well-suited for both beginners and pros. They last longer than minis, versatile enough to be used on almost any vaporizer model, plus deliver more vapor.

The third is the AVP or Advanced Personal Vaporizers (sometimes referred to as Mods). If you’re a long-time vape fan, you should consider getting one. In general, a ‘mod’ is a customizable model that enhances the device’s performance. It’s also not cheap. Prices for a mod could start anywhere from $50 to a few hundred bucks. However, benefits include longer battery life, better durability, and it fits your personal preferences. Keep visting for more information.