Why PAX 3 is the Romeo Of All Vaporizers

Some see the PAX 3 as a dual use (herb and concentrate) vaporizer and the company’s flagship unit. But we think it’s quite a bit more. We think it’s the perfect unit for the single person looking for love. The PAX 3 looks even slicker than its predecessors. It seems to turn up at all of the best places to look for a mate. Like outdoor concerts, sporting events, beaches, pool parties and weekend cottage escapes. This is a brief overview of this amazing product. A more detailed review of PAX 3 vaporizer is also posted on this blog.

PAX 3 - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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PAX 3 Features

With the PAX 3 in hand, you can connect over how much you both like quality delivery methods for your favorite dry flowers and oils. Think about it. Your pick-up line could be “Did you download the app and register your PAX 3 online?” And then offer to help them when they say no. But you don’t want to date someone who gets a beautiful PAX 3 and then doesn’t register it. The three included chamber inserts (two for dry herb, one is for concentrates), the smartphone app, and the sophisticated flavor and vapor control features are just the beginning.

User Friendly Aspects of Pax 3

Choose someone who has their life together and then introduce them to the PAX 3 Vaporizer. Share yours or get them their own because there’s just something about this particular vaporizer that makes it incredibly sexy.
– It’s always ready to go in 10-15 seconds
– The device uses lip-sensing-technology for a better experience
– Pax 3 is great at communicating
– Moreover, it “goes both ways”
– This device vibrates
– The product comes with a 10-year warranty
– It knows that flowers are a way to a girl’s heart


It has an improved 3500mAh battery, it switches from dry herb to oil to please your every whim, it thinks a 10-year commitment is hot and it outperforms almost all other portable vaporizers when it comes to delivering full flavor from a dry material. Face it, if the PAX 3 vaporizer was a person they would be a fabulous lover. So sensitive and eager to please.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be shy—be bold. Suggest to that little cutie from work that you share an oven full of flavorful flower, perhaps during a walk in Stanley Park. Together, you’ll be like Romeo and Juliet but rather than dying by your own hands of poison you will slay each other with jokes that only the two of you get. Because that’s what love is these days, using gadgets to make connections with our hearts. And there’s nothing too wrong with that if you have a gadget like the PAX 3 that acts more like a status symbol than just a portable vaporizer. It shows that you put thought and care into what you’re passionate about and that thoughtfulness comes through, right down to the beautifully-designed vaporizer that captures the heart and mind.

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