How Dr Dabber Boost Keeps Days Productive!

Before you read this blog, we would like to let you know that Dr Dabber has launched a new updated version of Boost in 2020. It is known as Dr Dabber Boost EVO. We have reviewed Dr Dabber Boost EVO on our blog. Click here to read it.

What you should know about the Dr. Dabber Boost is that it’s a no-nonsense eRig with fewer pieces that most. It’s compact, lightweight and the kit is fairly tough. If you’re the kind of person who needs to medicate on the fly, in the middle of a busy day, without interrupting your flow, the Dr. Dabber will get you there.

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Andy is a busy PR director who needs to medicate in the evenings and enjoys taking his eRig to the cottage on weekends. His moderate habit helps quell the stress and anxiety that comes with his crazy and eventful life. He uses the Dr. Dabber Boost while drinking his morning coffee and choosing the best route to take him to his Sechelt cottage. When Andy is working he can charge the battery from any USB outlet but today he’ll use the power bank in the trunk of his car so that the battery can charge up as he makes his way to Sechelt. Once he arrives, the battery will be charged and the Boost eRig will be ready to hit again while celebrating a safe arrival in cottage country with beers and a winter campfire. And maybe again while the squad contemplates a dip in the hot tub. Because the Boost eRig does not require a torch, Andy can introduce a couple members of his crew to dabbing without their having to acquire any skills with a torch and nail. The smaller nail means smaller doses, which is appreciated by new dabbers and micro-dosers. The blast of vapor is significant, however, so don’t think this kit is lightweight in any other way than its actual tonnage. The pieces fit perfectly, so someone like Andy can take his eRig anywhere he goes, from home office to sandy shores without a second thought. It took him a session or two to get used to the elegant tools that come with the kit but once he did the technique came a lot more naturally.

The appeal of the Dr. Dabber Boost is that it’s an entrance rig for new users and a vacation from over-complicated rigs for those who have been using eRigs for ages. Torches are intimidating to use and are inappropriate for some environments, so not having to use one with the Dr. Dabber Boost makes it all the more portable and versatile. Just pack the pieces up into the carry case and go. What comes in the kit?

● Boost eRig
● Glass water attachment
● Domeless titanium nail
● Domeless ceramic nail
● Domeless quartz nail
● Magnetic carb cab w/ loading tool
● 2 medical grade silicone containers
● Micro USB charging cable
● Limited edition Dr. Dabber keychain

Andy’s top tip for the Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber is to keep it clean for the best tasting results. If you’re a moderately tidy “weekend neat freak” like him, clean the glass and nails after every 2-5 uses using cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Rinse the alcohol off with water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Haze Smoke Shop is authorized retailer for Dr Dabber Products in Canada!