Beginner’s Guide to E-Cigarettes: What are E-Cigarettes and Their Types

Many former smokers have launched themselves headfirst into the amazing world of vaping, setting aside all their tobacco products.  It takes some time for people to part with their traditional cigarettes due to the perceived learning curve of e-cigs. If you have been contemplating the same plunge and you are tied up in that confusion, this beginner’s guide to e-cigs will help you understand everything about the trends of vaping.

Essential facts about E-cigarettes

Most individuals have been put off by the media narratives that view these devices to be harmful than the traditional burner cigarettes. If you are excited about switching from tobacco to e-cigs, be rest assured that is not the case. We can begin with dispelling misinformation that goes around about e-cigarettes.

Scientific evidence and a series of clinical studies have proved that e-cigs are 95% safer compared to the tobacco products. Research suggests that e-cigs are the safest choice for smoking to those who wish to minimize their health risks. Not only do you save several dollars a year but also you save a lot of money in the long run.

Several studies also indicate that you can use these products to quit your smoking habits. This article will highlight ways in which e-cigs work and you will also be knowledgeable about the different types of electronic cigarettes.

How do they work?

There are different types of e-cig starter kits and the same principles of operation apply to each one of them. The device contains e-juice that is heated up by some sort of atomizer. Users inhale the vapor created during the heating process when using an e-cig. Nicotine is delivered to the body through this vapor which is then absorbed by the lungs and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth.

Basically, there are two methods of vaping (inhaling): the lung hit and the mouth hit. The lung hit occurs when the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs. It mostly used with sub ohm vaping and produces larger clouds of vapor.

However, most smokers are usually comfortable with the mouth hit style of vaping. It happens when you hold the vapor for a few seconds in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. It resembles the inhalation method that is used with the filtered tobacco products. The mouth hit helps to minimize the amount of vapor drawn to your lungs and tends to maximize the flavor.

Types of e-cigarettes

The different types of vaping devices might be one of the most confusing aspects for newcomers. The quality and type of e-cig determine your vaping experiences. A clear challenge is presented to new vapers because of so many options in the marketplace. Some of the available options include;

  • Disposable E-Cigs

If you are a tobacco user, you might be already familiar with the disposable electronic cigarette. They are one-piece units that have nicotine strength options, limited taste, and limited battery life. Roughly, they mimic the size of a cigarette and is a great device that allows smokers to transition from the traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. Simply throw it away and use another once you are done.

  • Rechargeable Two-piece E-Cigs

They are almost similar to the disposables but have reusable batteries. A variety usually has disposable cartridges that are thrown away once the nicotine supply has been exhausted. There is always one battery included in the kits for these devices. You also receive USB charging cartridges and sample nicotine cartridges.

  • Rechargeable Three-piece E-cigs

These type of e-cigs offer flavor enhancement and a better production of vapor. They are comprised of a drip tip, a powerful battery, a clearomizer, and tank. You receive your e-juice in a prefilled cartridge inserted in the tank. You can also refill it from a bottle of e-liquid. Once you are ready to move beyond the mere stages of vaping, the rechargeable three-piece e-cigs will be the best for you.

  • Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV)

The APV does come at a more premium price and offers the best possible vaping results. They have various personalization options such as temperature and airflow control, power usage, and other essential aspects that give you a great vaping experience. It allows you to use different batteries, wicks, and coils to achieve the right taste and amount of vapor with every draw.

How to use your device safely

There is often some level of risk associated with the use of an electronic cigarette just like any other device that is powered by a battery. It is essential to treat your e-cig batteries carefully to prevent accidents. It should never come into contact with HEAT and WATER. To extend their lifespan, avoid overcharging or undercharging. Once your battery is charged, remove it from the charging cable since it is the best option for preserving your battery.

The same care should be applied to your e-juice or e-liquid. Keep them away from the children and pets. The liquid nicotine poses a critical danger when swallowed and can also react when in contact with the skin. Seek treatment by contacting medical services to avoid further damage to your system.

Options for refill  

It is important to understand how you can refill your reusable e-cigs. The type of device you have determines the method and products used. Some of the devices come with prefilled cartridges and you can always replace them when you are out of the juice.

We have discussed e-juice separately as a topic on its own but all you need to know is that they are safe. They are available in food flavorings, propylene glycol (PG) and also contain nicotine. If you become sensitive to PG, try looking for an e-juice that uses VG as the base. We have that line of organic e juice aswell.

Finding the right e-cig and getting started

It takes some little investment to determine an e-cig that will give you the best vaping experience. Having read through the types of e-cigs, you have an idea of what to look for in the marketplace. We have also listed a variety of products that are top quality and brands that have had a good reputation over the past.

Manufacturers have also thought of producing different starter kits to help you get everything you need to start vaping right away. Once you determine the right strength and e-juice flavor, it is the right time to transition into the world of vaping. Still if you want to get some more consultation before buying an e-cig starter kit, Haze Smoke Shop Canada s at your service.