Arizer Air II Review

The new iPhone X costs $999, has an edge-to-edge display, and can unlock with your face. The latest smartphone announcement has fans and tech critics crowding social media with chatter over what’s right and what’s wrong with Apple’s latest retail behemoth. And it has us wondering how much larger our phones can get. Likewise how small will vaporizers end up becoming? When the Air came on the scene, it gave other portable vapes on the market a run for their money. This device’s flavor and size were most comparable to the Firefly and Crafty. Which vaporizers will the Canada-made Arizer Air measure up to in its second iteration? “Same small size, even BIGGER performance!” The promise on the Arizer Air II is tremendous, but is it true?

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50% More Battery Capacity in Arizer Air II

Arizer Batteries are proprietary and meet rigorous quality standards. Expect a new one to last for hundreds of charge cycles before losing any capacity. Just don’t drop the unit or that could result in reducing the battery capacity quickly. Air II battery can last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use for each 3-hour charge. The great thing is, with the Air II you don’t have to wait for the battery to fully charge before you can use it. A 15-20 minute charge should get you up and going. A fully drained battery will render the device inoperable.

Arizer uses custom-made, high-power, high-quality, long-life lithium-ion batteries in their units. While you can find third-party options online, Arizer doesn’t disclose all the details about their batteries (likely for proprietary reasons). That’s a great thing because Arizer Air and Air II are “high drain portable vaporizers“. But they don’t feel like they drain batteries fast when they have the right battery inside.

Easy to use & Maintenance Free

The Air II is marketed as “maintenance free.” Simply, recharge the battery when it is low. Swap out pre-loaded Glass Aroma Tubes (no emptying or cleaning bowls) when you are ready to vape. Cleaning the Glass Aroma Tubes is eventually necessary, but it’s almost effortless. To keep the unit in optimal performance mode, keep the class components clean by soaking them in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and rinsing with hot water after a few hours.

Quick Heat-up

The Air II’s heats up ultra fast. It has a wide temperature range of 50°C-220° C (122°F- 428° F), adjustable in 1-degree or 10-degree increments. The Arizer Air II heats up quickly and offers variable temperature control, allowing you to create the lightest, smoothest vapor or the thickest, most effective one you’ve ever experienced. Whew!

Arizer Air II Customizations

Audio / Beep: There are three volume settings by which you can customize how loudly the unit greets you when being turned on. Don’t worry, “off” is also among the volume option.

Power-On Delay: This safety feature ensures you don’t accidentally turn on the unit. It will require you to hold the power for 2 seconds, 4 Seconds, 6 Seconds, or 8 Seconds (your choice) to verify that you want to start vaping.

Automatic Shut-Off Timer: Conserve battery life and avoid possible mishaps by having the unit power itself off after 5–15 minutes of non-use.

Celsius or Fahrenheit: Confuse friends during a session by setting the unit to Celsius or Fahrenheit—whichever system they don’t naturally use.

Display Brightness: Low, medium, and “shut that thing off” bright.

Quality Materials

Arizer’s proprietary Isolated Air Path is another way to say convection heat, which is contained by borosilicate glass mouthpieces (Glass Aroma Tubes) that help keep the taste and aroma of the vapor pure.

Deciding whether a micro vaporizer fits your life is like deciding on a Fitbit or iPhone model. Just look at how you’ll be using it and let that be your North Star. But, you really can’t go wrong with having this elegant personal vaporizer for times when you need something ultra portable and discreet—we all have them.

As with all Arizer products, the Arizer Air II is made in Canada and that’s always a great choice!

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