The JUUL Starter Kit: The LeBron James of Vaping

JUUL has been raking in the cash recently, as the company received a $12.8 billion investment from Altria. The company’s valuation has reached a staggering $38 billion, surpassing that of SpaceX. Yes, the founders, not you, may be getting rich. And you may be seeing all the “cool kids” vaping with JUUL devices when you’re at work or at a bar. But should you use its products? We wanted to put the JUUL Starter Kit to the test, seeing if it is actually worth purchasing. In sum, we believe that the JUUL Starter Kit is like the best basketball player in the world today—LeBron James. If LeBron James were ever to pick up vaping, he would be using a JUUL vaporizer.

JUUL Starter Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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A First Look of JUUL Starter Kit

Like LeBron, the JUUL Starter Kit emphasizes preparation and completeness. The JUUL Starter Kit contains a JUUL device, USB Charging Dock, and four JUUL pods. Those four JUUL pods have 5 percent nicotine strength (this may be too strong for those readers who are weak in the knees). The included flavors within the JUUL Starter Kit are Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Creme, and Mango. Included in your purchase is also a one-year warranty (which, in all likelihood, you will not need). The Starter Kit sets you up nicely—whether you are a first-timer or not.

An Emphasis on the Basics

The JUUL device included in your purchase is sleek and simple to use. Like LeBron focusing on the basics of his game, the JUUL device is focused on providing the best experience possible. There are no buttons on the JUUL Starter Kit. To get started, all you need to do is simply insert the pod into the device. The sleekness also applies to its use. There is no ash or odor when you vape with JUUL. Simply put, you can vape in style. Along with this, the JUUL device’s small size lets you more discreetly vape where you technically aren’t allowed—like a bar or restaurant.

The Pods

Because the devices themselves are relatively cheap, you will be spending much more money on individual pods. In addition to the pod flavors listed above, you can choose from Classic Tobacco, Cucumber, Menthol, and Fruit. These flavors can provide a little spiciness when you feel the urge to vape. And similar to the way that LeBron is strong in many facets of the game, all of the JUUL pod flavors are crisp and enjoyable.

No Leakage

One of the worst parts of vaping is when there is leakage from your pods. Generally speaking, JUUL pods don’t leak. You can avoid the sheer embarrassment of having your vaporizer leak all over you by choosing a JUUL device. Choking wouldn’t happen to LeBron on the basketball court. And it won’t happen to you when you are at work or out on the town.

The Verdict about JUUL Starter Kit

Ultimately, the JUUL Starter Kit is like LeBron James. It is a hyped machine that gets a lot of press attention. But the press attention is well-deserved. The JUUL Starter Kit, like LeBron, can perform in the clutch. We recommend that you check it out and buy at Haze!