Puffco Peak Review: Finally Silencing the Dab Critics

It’s 2018, and the smart bongs are starting to roll in. Well, one of them at least.

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We’ve been waiting with dinner plate eyes for the Puffco Peak, a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape that incorporates water filtration and Intelligent Temperature Calibration. Besides being tastefully futuristic, the “first-ever smart rig for concentrate consumers” makes borosilicate look clunky and archaic. And it doesn’t take a whole collection of tools to manipulate the herbs while in use.

The Peak’s “sharing is caring” design includes wireless capabilities, so it can travel around the room, untethered and without losing heat. Wait 20 seconds for it to heat up after you dial into one of the four pre-programmed settings and hit “Boost mode” to heat up even the tiniest stray budder crumbs.

You might expect it to be high maintenance when it comes to charging, but it probably recharges faster than your smart phone—two hours tops, according to the accompanying material.

Why Dab Virgins Choose The Puffco Peak Dab Rig In The First Place

Dab rigs have taken the herbs world by storm since Colorado voted to legalize recreational herbs in 2012. The concept requires getting used to but extracts—wax, budder, shatter, rosin, etc.—deliver an astronomically more potent high than herbs flower, but heating up most units require either a blow torch or an electric coil.

When it comes to concentrates, ease of consumption isn’t their selling point until now. Depending on the strain, extraction equipment and the technician on duty during extraction, the consistency of the product varies, making one appreciate it when the rest of the experience can be made consistent.

Click once to cycle through the four colour-coded heat settings, blue (450 degrees F), green (500 degrees), red (550 degrees), and white (600 degrees), then double-click the same button to activate the heating element.

The Peak makes for a safer experience as well. No more convoluted heating implements searing hot glass and metal. No more blow torch! With the Peak, the wax is heated using a heated coil that in enclosed in the unit, so no one risks touching an open flame or hot metal in the process.

Now for Our Verdict.

Sure, we don’t need high tech capabilities to get stoned out of our mind—we’ve gone so far as to use produce and aluminum cans!

But when something comes along that not only automates the experience but makes it consistent and precise it honours the hard work that went behind making the product being vaped.

The Puffco Peak makes what was once an elaborate, gear-filled ritual of dabbing into a streamlined event. It travels better and shares better than just about every conventional rig or bong, and it gets cleaner than the rest as well.

We love how perfectly the base fits in the palm of one hand—it’s so cute for something so mighty—and how sturdy it is when sitting on a table.

Bonus: We tried filling the glass stem with water to improve vapour filtration and loved the effect. It’s not necessary at all but a good party trick for upgrading your sessions.

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