Crafty Vaporizer Review 2019

Check out Storz & Bickel’s latest addition to the market, the Crafty Vaporizer, if you’re familiar with the German vaporizer manufacturer. The Crafty allows you to own that solid German-built quality of the Volcano and Plenty vapes in a much more compact form. However, does the Crafty live up to the reputation of its bigger brothers?

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Crafty Vaporizer Vapor Quality – Because That is What Really Matters

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right portable vaporizer. However, if it doesn’t deliver the high-quality, flavorful vapor, then none of the other stuff matters. The Crafty does not disappoint. It lives up to its family name by providing thick clouds of potent vapor. The device creates that vapor quality through an open airflow. It is a hybrid blend of convection and conduction heat, and cooling unit on top. Storz & Bickel has packed quite a bit of technology into this portable unit to achieve a nearly full-size experience in a portable vape.

Crafty Vaporizer Build Quality

Now that we know that the Crafty can deliver high-quality vapor, it is time to look a little closer. Storz & Bickel delivers on their reputation for build quality with the Crafty. It is a little surprising to find the outside shell made of plastic. However, this particular plastic (advertised to be food-grade and heat-resistant) is remarkably solid. The vents in the plastic keep it cool even after continued use. The internal components are solidly constructed with an aluminum heater and a stainless steel bowl. The air pathway of the unit is completely separated from the electronics, which means the electronics function longer and, more importantly, keeps you from inhaling extra chemicals.

Crafty Vaporizer Battery Life

Manufacturers continue to struggle with the need to make portable vaporizers smaller and more powerful, while also having longer battery lives. Advances in battery technology are helping with this although units that win great reviews for size and potency are often criticized for battery life. The Crafty is no exception. The latest version promises a 20% increase in battery power which is an improvement but leaves some users wishing for more. The device takes about two hours to charge via USB. A full charge will give you about 30-40 minutes of run time. However, the total runtime does degrade after, and the battery is not user replaceable (at least not without voiding the warranty and some advanced soldering.)

Whether or not you will find the Crafty’s battery long-lasting enough will depend on how you intend to use it. For a small, portable unit that works this well, the run time on a single charge is actually pretty impressive, but for those who really need something to last all night without a recharge, Storz & Bickel does offer a slightly larger portable unit with dual batteries.

Crafty Vaporizer’s Ease of Use

Vaporizer technology has certainly come a long way in terms of ease of use. The Crafty couldn’t make it much easier. Just fill the bowl, turn it on, wait for the light to turn green and you are ready to go. It comes preset to a relatively standard heat setting and, if you adjust it, it will remember your settings. If you are new to the experience or struggle with filling the bowl, it even comes with a filling aid to reduce the mess. This may be one of the most forgiving portable devices on the market. Even if you don’t grind perfectly or fill the bowl just right, you are likely to get abundant, great tasting vapor.

The App

If you are so inclined to connect your device to your smartphone, the Crafty comes with an excellent app which opens up some extra features. You can access custom temperatures, change the auto shutoff time, check usage, and even dim the lights. It also will help you find your device if you misplaced it, which may be the most useful feature ever.

Final Thoughts

It may still be a while before technology allows us the perfect blend of size, power, durability, and battery life. We expect manufacturers to pack quite a bit into something that fits in our pocket. However, if you are willing to give up perfection for portability, the Crafty is an excellent portable Vaporizer. Buy Crafty Vaporizer online from Haze Smoke Shop and get FREE 59$ worth of grinder.

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