Plenty Vaporizer: A Complete Review 2019

From the makers of the legendary Volcano Vaporizer, comes one of the most unique looking vaporizers on the market; The Plenty Vaporizer. Markedly, it also happens to be a pretty impressive offering in the handheld corded category. With a design that evokes images of part glue-gun, part air compressor, part science fiction, the Plenty’s unique look is all about function. Moreover, it works to produce great vapor in an easy to use design.

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A Vaporizer for Every Need

After the success of their Volcano, Storz and Bickel has now added devices in every category. From the full-sized table-top to the portable unit you can keep in your pocket, there is a vaporizer for every need. Furthermore, the Plenty sits right in the middle. It is not portable since it requires an AC outlet. It is small enough to fit in your hand. Moreover, this unit is easily held and passed around.

Vapor Quality of Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty offers what is quite possibly the best vapor quality in terms of volume and flavor for any unit in this price range. In addition, the hybrid of convection and conduction heating creates a full extraction.  The exposed metal cooling straw on top transfers heat outward to create large, cool clouds, with very little draw resistance. That exposed metal straw may look a bit strange, but it really does its part to create a great vapor experience.

Build Quality of Plenty Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel manufactures every vaporizer with high quality and attention to detail. There are no glass parts, a stainless steel heating chamber, with every piece made from high-quality 100% food-safe materials. The quality is apparent in just holding the unit. While it is not too heavy as to make it unwieldy, you can feel the quality while it is in your hand. Like other Storz and Bickel products, this should hold up for years of regular use.

Ease of Use

Storz and Bickel prioritized function over form in the Plenty’s design, which is why it may look strange to some. Just twist off the top section, load the heating chamber, and twist the top back on. Activate the unit using the orange switch on the side, set the dial to your desired temperature, and squeeze the orange handle. Beginners will have no trouble getting massive, flavorful vapor clouds and experienced users will enjoy the simplicity.

The ease of use is especially apparent when sharing with friends. There is no need to offer a tutorial on proper use. Just pass it around and tell everyone to squeeze the big orange handle when they are ready.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Plenty is a breeze to clean. The unit is easy to disassemble, giving full access to the oven. To minimize the need for extensive cleaning, just clean the oven with the included brush after allowing everything to cool down.

Auto Shutoff

One of the features of the Plenty that is loved by some and viewed less favorably by others is the auto shutoff. When you squeeze the trigger on the unit, it heats up to the target temperature. After a short time without pulling the trigger, the temperature will begin to drop, and it will eventually cool off. This is great for some users and annoying for others. If you forget about it for a while, it won’t just keep heating. That’s great if you go to sleep or if you walk away. If you are using it continuously and leave it for a few minutes, you may be annoyed that you have to wait for it to heat back up.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for superb vapor quality in an easy to use vaporizer, and don’t mind being tied to an electrical outlet, the Plenty is a solid choice. Since you will likely be leaving this unit at home, don’t let the looks discourage you. This high-quality unit from Storz and Bickel will give you Plenty of smooth vapor at a decent price.