RELX Starter Kit Review: The Best on the Market?

RELX has risen from relative obscurity to become the number-one selling closed-system e-cigarette device in China. Markedly, 2019 has seen them extend their dominance into the European and North American markets. RELX designed their new starter kit specifically for those looking to make the switch from traditional smoking.

So what’s different about this mod, and why is it such an excellent device to start your e-cigarette journey?

RELX Starter Kit - Haze Smoke Shop, Canada
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What Comes in the Box?

As the name suggests, this is a kit that provides you with everything you need to start.

Firstly, you’ll remove the outer packaging to find the smooth and sleek RELX pen-shaped mod, before uncovering the 2 foil-sealed 2ml pods (more on the available flavors below).

Next you have the USB-C charging cable and the owner’s manual, not that you’ll need it to operate this incredibly intuitive device.

You can go from opening the package to taking your first draw in under a minute. Its simple operation makes it perfect for beginners.

Looks and Design of RELX Starter Kit

It’s clear that the RELX range of products is aiming to become the Apple of the e-cig world. A smooth brushed aluminum finish coats the pod, which features no buttons at all.

A small, drip-shaped LED light disrupts the pod’s smooth texture only to blink when the battery is low and light up during use.

It’s incredibly light, weighing in at a dainty 4 grams. There are a range of striking colors to choose from. These include: Classic Black, Red, Navy Blue, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and Turquoise.

The pods provided simply click into place at the top of the mod, using magnets to increase the security of their placement, and that’s it, you’re ready to puff!

RELX Starter Kit Features

It’s easy to see why these mods have taken over the e-cigarette market. Not only are they remarkably easy to use, but they deliver high performance at a reasonable price point.

Despite its light weight, the RELX kit still manages to pack in a 350 mAh built-in rechargeable Li-on battery which will give users up to 3 days of continuous vaping, which should be plenty for those making the switch for the first time.

Whilst not industry-leading, the battery can be charged to maximum capacity in just 45 minutes, so you never have to go too long without puffing.

The 2ml closed-system pods means there’s no beginner’s confusion about which e-liquids to buy and they should provide up to 650 full puffs per pod. Moreover, refill pods are also very sensibly priced with pack of 3 pods costing just $14.99.

In terms of the pods themselves, they are double-sealed to prevent any leaks, and when paired with the mod, they utilize the latest FEELM ceramic coil technology to drag the liquid through a honeycomb structure (as small as 0.01mm) to extract the best possible flavor from the e-liquid.

Nicotine Strength and Flavors

Since RELX operates a closed system (you can’t refill the pods), you are stuck with their predetermined flavors.

The starter pack usually comes with Mint (5% Nicotine) and Classic Tobacco (5% Nicotine), the latter of which has been recommended by many reviewers for its likeness to the real thing.

The remaining flavors comprise:

  • Fresh Cucumber (3% Nicotine)
  • Watermelon Mint (3% Nicotine)
  • Grapefruit (3% Nicotine)
  • Green Tea (3% Nicotine)
  • Blueberry (3% Nicotine)
  • Mango (3% Nicotine)
  • Fruit (5% Nicotine)
  • Lemon Tea (3% Nicotine)
  • Ludou Ice (3% Nicotine)

So there’s plenty for first-timers to choose from to top up their starter kit.

Overall Verdict: Pros and Cons

As a matter of fact, it’s not hard to see why this has become the best-selling e-cigarette starter kit on the market. Furthermore, it’s ultra-lightweight and sleek design have moved many to rightfully compare its stunning looks to the Apple cell phone design.

But despite its appearance, it doesn’t skimp on performance and the intuitive plug and play pod system makes even the most uninitiated smokers at ease with using this device.

If you’re looking to make the switch from smoking to an e-cigarette system you can’t really go wrong with this product.


Ultra-lightweight and sleek button less design

Larger pod capacity (2ml) than many rivals

Double-sealed to prevent leaks

FEELM ceramic tech and patented honeycomb structure delivers enhanced flavor


Closed-system pods with only 11 flavors to choose from

Other models charge quicker and have longer battery life