The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review: The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to vaporizers, we ask for a lot in a small package. Any high-quality vaporizer should pack a punch with an array of impressive features while being lightweight and portable by design. As time goes on and the vape industry grows, it has become harder and harder for manufacturers to produce a product that offers innovation. Then there are products like Storz & Bickel’s new Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer whose features offer a fresh take.

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Today we’ll be exploring the features of what Storz & Bickel calls “the reinvention of an icon”. Is the well-known vape manufacturer full of empty boasts in the case of the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer or is this one of the few vaporizers that checks all the boxes? Let’s find out.

What Comes in the Box

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer a top dog among its competitors. Let’s take a look at what comes in the box. For what may feel like a hefty price of $700, it’s expected that this vaporizer ships with all the important bells and whistles. If that price tag has you skeptical, just wait until we get to this vaporizer’s features. You may just find yourself reconsidering.

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer comes with:

  • The Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator
  • A power cord
  • One EASY VALVE balloon with adapter
  • Three EASY VALVE balloon with a mouthpiece
  • One Filling Chamber
  • One Herb Mill
  • One Tube System
  • One Air Filter
  • Detailed Instructions

A Serious Upgrade

If you’re the kind of person that can’t imagine spending $700 on a vaporizer, that’s fair. On the other hand, the features found in the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer certainly warrant considering the investment. After all, this vaporizer’s predecessor, the Volcano Digit, only costs $100 less. It lacks many of the features that make the Hybrid the cream of the crop when it comes to vaporizers.

So what makes the Volcano Hybrid such a serious upgrade? It all starts in the design. Durability is important when it comes to selecting a vaporizer. The Hybrid’s design ensures that your vaporizer will continue functioning like new for years to come. This is because every Volcano Hybrid is crafted to meet all medical specifications and electrical certifications. As one of the most well-known names in the vaporizer market, Storz & Bickel isn’t known to cut corners.

Dual Inhalation System in Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Hybrid’s name extends from the addition of a feature missing from both the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital and it’s something enthusiasts have been asking for ever since. This obvious change arrives in the form of the Hybrid’s very own whip. While both the Classic and Digit relied on a single method of delivery via an included bag, the Hybrid doesn’t force you to choose. This design choice offers versatility that is hard to find in any other vaporizer.

Thanks to the Volcano Hybrid’s innovative dual inhalation system, fans of a balloon delivery method need only fill the balloon with the included pump to enjoy this vaporizer. If the vaporizer’s brand new whip method is more your style, you can expect your vapor to be drawn easily, smoothly, and with all the flavor you’re looking for.

Improved Convection Heating in Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid’s convection heating system also shows signs of major improvement with an overall heat-up speed 10 times quicker than the previous model at an impressive 1 to 2 minutes. In fact, the Hybrid holds the record among all desktop vaporizers when it comes to heat-up speed. With a 100 watt heater built to focus air up and through the vapor path, you can enjoy your favorite dry herb without fear of combustion and with a much smoother taste.

User-Friendly Smartphone App

Let’s be honest here: apps just make things easier. Storz & Bickel clearly thought so and the proof lies in the Hybrid’s smartphone app, available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. This app is incredibly user-friendly and offers a variety of features that make using your new vaporizer a breeze.

This app contains four main tabs that you can use to make the most of your vape experience. These tabs include a tab for controlling the vaporizer’s main controls, a tab for accessing advanced settings, another that gives you access to user manuals and other useful information, and a fourth tab to closely monitor the Hybrid’s status.

There are certain programming features found in the smartphone app that are particularly useful, though. Storz & Bickel calls these features “Iterations” and “Workflows” and each offers you a new array of commands that fully personalize your vaping experience.


The Iterations feature is the best friend of the Hybrid’s most obvious design upgrade, the whip. With Iterations, you can organize commands based on your own preferences. Iterations also ensure that your chosen commands repeat over time. These commands include increasing the temperature over the course of a selected period of time, fully automating the experience and allowing you to just sit back and relax.


The Hybrid is designed with giving you the best of both worlds in mind and this is abundantly clear when comparing Iterations and Workflows. While Iterations gives you the power to fully automate your experience, Workflows encourages you to take the driver’s seat and play around with different temperatures and blow times.

The same settings don’t suit everyone and the Hybrid does a great job of including all the necessary features for you to experiment and craft your own custom profile. It’s certainly a lot of fun to explore!

Overall Pros and Cons of the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

In summary, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is the best choice for anyone looking for an unmatched experience. With a design that doesn’t set restrictions and instead appreciates the unique preferences of every user, this vaporizer is clearly the best of both worlds- if you can afford the hefty price tag.


  • Built to last
  • Faster heat-up time
  • Included whip
  • Easy to use a smartphone app
  • Personalization commands
  • A wide selection of accessories


  • Maybe too pricey for some people