PuffCo Plus V2 Review: An Award-Winning Vaporizer Worth Your Money?

It appears that PuffCo is back with another winner in the form of the PuffCo Plus V2. At Haze Smoke Shop, we make it our priority to review new vaporizers when they hit the market. When we learned that PuffCo would be releasing a new and improved version of their popular vaporizer with a stylish new finish, we knew we had to test it for ourselves.

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PuffCo has a reputation for manufacturing award-winning products. Their PuffCo Plus vaporizer has been hailed a winner by High Times. Now, the manufacturer is back with a new and improved version with the PuffCo Plus V2 and we decided to dive in to give you a full breakdown of the vaporizer’s features in our overall review. Is the new PuffCo Plus V2 worth picking up for yourself? Let’s find out.

How Much Does the PuffCo Plus V2 Cost?

Let’s start with what is most likely the first question on your mind: how much does the PuffCo Plus V2 cost? Here at the Haze Smokeshop, the vaporizer can be yours at the price of $89.99 for the black finish and $118.99 for PuffCo’s new vision finish. Vape enthusiasts know you truly get what you pay for with a premium vaporizer. This one is priced fairly compared to others on the market. This vaporizer boasts all the bells and whistles.

If you consider yourself a vape connoisseur that always wants the latest and greatest vaporizers on the market, this will be a small price to pay for the vaping experience provided by PuffCo’s PuffCo Plus V2. Many have called this vaporizer a pocket flavor powerhouse. This vaporizer is ideal for the light to moderate user who favors style, portability, and flavor above all else. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at this vaporizer’s design and features starting with what you can expect to find in the box.

What Comes in the Box?

So what can you expect to find in the box upon buying your very own PuffCo Plus V2? A premium vaporizer with a premium price tag should include everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. Luckily, this is certainly the case with this premium vaporizer. Here’s a look at everything that comes in the box upon purchase:

1. PuffCo Plus V2 Device

2. Cleaning Swabs

3. USB Supercharger

4. Two Colored Grips

A Beautifully Designed Premium Vaporizer

Now that you know what comes in the box, it’s time to take a closer look at the design of the PuffCo Plus V2. One thing is clear when it comes to PuffCo vaporizers: the manufacturer is known for releasing beautifully designed premium vaporizers and the PuffCo Plus V2 is certainly no exception to the rule. For starters, the vaporizer is roughly the size of a pen, with a gentle taper halfway up the mouthpiece. This makes the device ultra-portable and discrete.

We are also big fans of the fact that the PuffCo Plus V2’s design features a lighted button that produces a laid-back feel as it gently brightens and darkens when pressed and let go. All in all, the vaporizer’s design is attractive, stylish, and durable. Aside from that, it is ultra portable and lightweight. You can’t go wrong in terms of the design of this particular vaporizer!

The PuffCo Plus V2’s New Color Option: Vision

The PuffCo Plus V2 also comes in two different color finishes: standard black and the new Vision finish. Both finishes are attractive, shiny, and somehow resistant to fingerprints which is a welcome observation. The standard black version goes beyond just black, boasting a hidden smoky dark brown tint within its finish. The Vision finish, on the other hand, features an attractive, bright, and colorful rainbow-like finish that is especially beautiful. This finish is exclusive to this vaporizer and is a huge selling point for those who want an attractive-looking device.

Innovative Features in PuffCo Plus V2 That Make for a Quality Vaping Experience

Let’s break down the innovative features packed into this vaporizer. There have been serious improvements made in the latest version of the PuffCo Plus and, when combined, these improvements result in some powerful features that make for a quality vaping experience that is nearly unrivaled by premium vaporizers of the same overall size and price point. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the PuffCo Plus V2!

A Masterpiece of a Mouthpiece

The first thing we noticed about the PuffCo Plus V2 vaporizer was the PuffCo exclusive innovation that is the vaporizer’s mouthpiece. PuffCo went the extra mile when designing this device by combining a carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard all built into the singular mouthpiece. The dart can be extended easily by simply pressing down on the mouthpiece tip. This makes loading a particularly easy experience.

Coil-Less Ceramic Bowl

Next, we have to talk about PuffCo’s inclusion of a coil-less ceramic bowl in the PuffCo Plus V2 vaporizer. With an innovative pressure-sealed bowl, the PuffCo Plus V2 will evenly heat your oil rather than scorching it with coils. The result? Some of the best flavor you have ever experienced in a portable vaporizer!

3 Convenient Heat Settings

The next feature we have to discuss is PuffCo’s inclusion of 3 convenient heat settings in the PuffCo Plus V2. PuffCo clearly believes that the power to freely choose your own desired heat modes should be yours. Based on your consumption priorities and load size, you can easily select your preferred heat setting on the vaporizer. Whether you favor a light and flavorful hit or a thick, voluminous cloud of vapor, the 3 featured heat settings make finding the perfect balance possible!

Flexible Sesh-Mode Functionality

In yet another PuffCo exclusive innovation, we have to talk about the PuffCo Plus V2’s flexible sesh-mode functionality. Featuring a 12 second continuous heat mode that can be used by double tapping the device’s button, you can easily set your preferred mode without having to hold the button down. This ensures a fully medicated dose each and every time.

Fast Charging and Long Battery Life

Finally, let’s talk about the device’s battery life, something that is of the utmost importance in a portable vaporizer. PuffCo Plus V2 battery life reports state that you can expect between 30 and 50 puffs on a singular charge and for a device of this size, that’s highly reasonable. Even when your device does die, however, you’ll never have to wait long before you can power up the device again. The vaporizer features fast charging via the included USB supercharger so you can be back at it in no time flat!

Should You Purchase the PuffCo Plus V2?

Overall, Haze Smokeshop has nothing but good things to say about the PuffCo Plus V2. There’s a reason that PuffCo has consistently earned top awards for its products and this is something that is sure to be continued in the PuffCo Plus V2. From the price point to the innovative features and unrivaled vapor quality, it’s hard to find a better product than the PuffCo Plus V2. Interested in picking up one of your very own? Visit the Haze Smoke Shop website and get your vaporizer with a FREE gift today!

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