Dr Dabber Stella Review: The New Standard for Premium Vaporizers?

At Haze Smoke Shop, we make it a priority to pick up and review the latest vaporizers to hit the market as soon as they are released. This means that when Dr. Dabber, an award-winning vaporizer manufacturer, informed us that they would be releasing a new vaporizer this month that improved upon the award-winning Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer in almost every category, we had to publish our review of this brand new product. Known as The Stella, Dr. Dabber’s latest product is a next-generation vaporizer pen packed with convenient features and major improvements to ensure a great vaping experience.


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Today, Haze Smoke Shop will be giving you the full breakdown of everything you can expect from Dr. Dabber’s Stella vaporizer. From all of the new features you should expect to a direct comparison between The Stella vaporizer and its award-winning predecessor, The Aurora vaporizer, this review is packed with everything you need to know before picking up one for yourself. With that, let’s get started!

How Much Does The Stella Vaporizer Cost?

 If you have purchased a premium vaporizer in the past, you are likely well aware that these products typically come with a hefty price tag and for good reason. The quality of excellence that you will find in terms of features, design, and overall vapor quality in a premium vaporizer are well worth the cost to many vape enthusiasts. That being said, we decided to start our review of The Stella vaporizer with the question that is likely to be the first on your mind: how much does The Stella vaporizer cost?


At a price of CAD$129.00, we are happy to announce that The Stella vaporizer is priced similarly to its award-winning predecessor, The Aurora. Considering the fact that Dr. Dabber has marketed The Stella vaporizer as a product taking cues from The Aurora, featuring some added improvements, it seems like a no-brainer that this is a fair price for the next generation in vaporizers from this highly esteemed manufacturer. While this may be a lot to pay for a vaporizer for some, most vape enthusiasts are well aware that, when paying more, you can typically expect quality and performance that is far above that of a cheaper vaporizer. Once we tell you more about the features found in Dr. Dabber’s latest vaporizer, we are willing to bet you won’t mind paying $128.98 for everything you’ll receive in return.


Dr. Dabber Stella Design


Before we take a closer look at the convenient features and many improvements to be found in The Stella vaporizer, let’s take some time to talk about the product’s design. Put simply, The Stella vaporizer checks off multiple boxes in terms of what vape enthusiasts like to see in a premium vaporizer. For the price point of a premium vaporizer, consumers expect manufacturers to put serious time and thought into the design of their products. When it comes to The Stella vaporizer, it is clear that Dr. Dabber went the extra mile to offer a design that is convenient, discreet, and sturdy.


The Stella vaporizer features a signature black aluminum body, is fairly slim in design, and straightforward in terms of function. Shaped like an ordinary vape pen, but slightly on the thicker side, the Stella vaporizer can be compared to other premium vaporizers such as the Utillian 5 or KP Crystal in terms of size. The black aluminum body that the device is encased in provides a sleek and futuristic look while offering solidity and durability. Compared to products in a similar price range, the Stella vaporizer is well-designed and attractive.


The vaporizer itself is made up of three main components. Let’s take a look at each of these components in detail so that you have a better idea of what to expect upon picking up your own.




While the Stella vaporizer’s battery may look simple, there is a lot of cool technology to be found if you take a closer look under the hood. For one, the device uses technology that Dr. Dabber refers to as Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR). This technology allows the battery to automatically adjust the voltage based on the designed temperature of the heating coil itself.


This means that rather than having a constant stream of power supplied to the coil, the battery will automatically adjust to ensure that the coil stays within the precise temperature range.


Compared to other premium vaporizers on the market today, this technology is the first major improvement we see in the Stella vaporizer. This is due to the fact that the heating element will never get too hot, burning your extracts. Instead, it allows the coil to work within a spectrum of power instead of using the simple on/off method that we have become accustomed to seeing.




The Stella vaporizer also features something known as a ceramic “floating coil” that directly minimizes the points of contact between the body of the pen and the coil itself. Thanks to this design point, heat transfer is reduced and the device is prevented from ever getting too hot to hold. The Stella vaporizer also has three temperature settings ranging between 460 degrees and 775 degrees Fahrenheit, with an added “pre-heat” function. This provides a temperature range wide enough to please everyone from beginners who are looking for soft to mild hits to the more advanced user who favor strong, aggressive flavor in their vaporizer.




The final main component we should talk about when it comes to the Stella vaporizer is the upgraded mouthpiece. When compared to Dr. Dabber’s previous hit, the Aurora vaporizer, there are clear improvements made in the Stella. Not only is the mouthpiece larger, but it feels much sturdier. Featuring a unique Vortex airflow that works to cool down the vapor while maintaining good draw resistance, this is by far one of the best-designed mouthpieces we have seen in a vaporizer to date.


Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer Features


Now that you know more about the three main components you’ll be working with upon picking up your very own Stella vaporizer, let’s get more in-depth with the features you can expect to see.


Built-In Alumina Ceramic Vaporization Chamber


The Stella vaporizer features a built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic heating element. This provides the delivery of flavorful, delicately heated vapor that you’ll enjoy throughout your entire session. To our knowledge, the Stella vaporizer is among the first of premium vaporizers to feature this important design feature and we guarantee you’ll appreciate its inclusion the very first time you use the device.


Built-In Silicone Filter/Airflow Regulator


The Stella vaporizer’s built-in silicone filter/airflow regulator is also a feature that offers a huge advancement in vape performance. This directly works to optimize both flavor and vapor production, due to the offset air inlets found within the vaporization chamber. It should also be noted that the Stella vaporizer is manufactured with medical/food grade materials. One of the biggest benefits to be found in the inclusion of the built-in silicone filter/airflow regulator is that it works to reduce splashing of the oil during a vape session.


600 MaH Battery and Pass-Through Charging


While Dr. Dabber’s Aurora vaporizer contained a 350 Mah battery that allowed between 250-300 hits per session, Dr. Dabber has supplied the new Stella vaporizer with a hefty 600 MaH battery that allows you to enjoy your vapor for much longer. Best of all, the Stella vaporizer is Dr. Dabber’s first vaporizer to feature pass-through charging, meaning you can literally use the device while charging it up!


1 Year Industry-Leading Warranty


Finally, it should be noted that similarly to Dr. Dabber’s Aurora vaporizer, the Stella vaporizer comes with a 1-year industry-leading warranty. This means that your vaporizer is satisfaction guaranteed and can be replaced if you were to encounter any issues or technical difficulties up to 1 year after your purchase. It doesn’t get better than that!


The Bottom Line on Dr. Dabber’s Stella Vaporizer


Put simply, Dr. Dabber’s latest vaporizer is a hit. At Haze Smoke Shop, we’ve been waiting quite some time for a premium vaporizer that is under $200 while packing a punch and Stella delivers on all fronts. The device is simple, featuring no unnecessary bells and whistles, and delivers top-shelf quality during every session. Stella is, without a doubt, one of the best vape pens of the year and is available at a price point that is affordable for nearly everyone. Pick up your own Stella vaporizer today! with a FREE 20$ gift.


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