Smok Nord 50W Open Pod Kit Review

The Smok Nord 50 Watt kit is a new model of the Nord series vaping devices and it comes in many colors of your choice. The Nord 50W is basically a combination of a pod device and box mod. Moreover, there are 11 of the normal colors but they also do have four of the actual leather type ones. It could be said that they come in absolute abundance of different colors. You will definitely find something in there you like the look of.

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Size comparison with other Nords

As far as the size of the device is compared with all the other Nords, it’s a bit strange one because it kind of sits in between the Nord 4 and the Nord 2 as the size goes. Furthermore, the Nord 4 is 104.9mm by 33.7mm by 24.4mm, while the Nord 2 is 95 x 30.5 x 20mm. The size of leather version of Smok Nord 50W is actually 32 by 98 by 23.9mm, while the regular version measures 31 x 22.6 x 97mm.  This size indicates that it lies in between these two pods i-e the Nord 4 and the Nord 2. Comparing it with nord x, which again is pretty much same. Markedly, it’s just a little bit taller and a little bit fatter.

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Inside the box

The Nord 50-watt kit comes in a smart package. Inside the packaging you get a type c charging cable, a user manual card, warranty card and a spare pod. Furthermore, the capacity of this spare pod is 4ml e-liquid. The spare pod actually uses the Nord coil. In order to check the coil in pre-installed pod, Pop it open and you will notice 0.6 written below the coil head, as it is a 0.6 Ohm Nord coil. Overall, it’s a regular round wire coil which produces smart vape.

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Filling the pod

To fill the pod, observe the word “Nord” on the side so that you don’t confuse it with the other pod. Just pop that lid open by pulling from side, down comes the opening for filling it with the flavor of your choice. After filling the soft lid fits well to avoid leakage. Mouth piece is comparatively big, which is a plus for some users.

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Getting started with Smok Nord 50W

The one pre-installed coil in the pod does have a sticker on it that says open. It is 0.6 Ohm regular coil. Remember to remove sticker before use. So you have to grab that and peel that off from it, they put that on there for safety purposes. As far as the spare coil is concerned, pull it out from the mouth piece and you will find the LP2 coil 0.23 Ohm, which is the coil of choice for many. It’s a 20 to 45 Watt mesh coil. Without a doubt, it’s really a good coil of this league.

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Two pods with different coils and capacity

The Smok Nord 50 comes with two different pod options having different capacities and different coils. The one pre-installed pod contains 0.6 Ohm regular round wire coil, having a capacity of 4.5ml. While the spare pod is a mesh pod that comes with a 0.23 Ohm coil, holding 4 ml of e-liquid.

Priming the coil

Priming the coil before use is highly recommended. Moreover, it can be done by holding it sideways and pouring e-liquid slowly. Furthermore, make sure it is saturated. Then grab the pod and the coil and stick the coil inside the pod and push it down. You need to align the flat edges against the small walls, you will see two walls on both sides. Push it down and on the side you are doing to see it says LP2 so that you know it is the correct pod. This will hold four ml of e-liquid. Flip it open, grab your liquid and fill it and the colorful Nord 50 Watt device is ready to use.

Battery and some other cool features in Smok Nord 50W

This device comes in a bunch of different colors. It has an airflow controller on the front above the branding Nord 50W. It has 1800 milliamp hour battery. On the bottom is your type c charge port. On the sides it has smart airflow inlets. Just below the airflow on one side comes the display. Power button is situated on the other flat side.

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Switching the Smok Nord 50W device On and Wattage adjustment

Press the power button five times rapidly to turn the device on. Looking at the display you have your wattage there, the resistance, puff counter and battery percentage. Press the power button three times and now you could change the wattage. It only goes one way, it’s one of those where there is no up and down buttons. You could just keep a press to it and will notice that it goes up to 50 Watts and it does round robin, let go and you are going to see it’s just going to stop on its own. By pressing the power button again five times will power off the device.

Irreversible Puff counter

Now for the puff counter on this device, there is no way of resetting this puff counter. It resets on its own when it hits 999 puffs. On puff 1000 it starts all over again.

Size comparison with Nord X and Nord 4

Putting it next to the Nord X you would notice that Nord X is a fatter device. Comparing it with Nord 4, which again is a bigger device with 2000 milliamp hour battery, while Nord 50W comes with 1800 mAh battery. There is a big size difference between these devices. This slim size of the Nord 50W makes it the suitable choice for those who travel a lot because it’s easy to carry and fits in almost every pocket.